Twitter Down, Worldwide Chaos Ensues



Denial of service
attack means people can’t disclose details of their plans to paint their nails,
go to lunch or entertain deep faux-philosophical thoughts.


By Blurt Staff


All you Twitter fans scratching your heads over why you can’t
get your daily crack fix, rest easy: Courtney Love is still asleep in her bed
following a long night of ligging, so she hasn’t crashed the system.


There is, however, an ongoing denial of service attack, according
to a report filed by Twitter has indicated it’s dealing with
the problem.


The rest of you who are going into withdrawal symptoms about
now – hey, read a book. Watch some Oprah. Do a “Michael Vick” with the family
pooch. Or simply get a dang life…


Better yet, ponder all the banalities you might be inclined
to be posting about now, and then consider the fact that everyone who reads ‘em
thinks you’re really, really lame but is too polite to tell you to your face.




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