Tenacious D Added to Outside Lands


Jack Black and Kyle Gass–Tenacious D–announce a performance on the third day of the S.F. music and arts festival. Careful… You might get burned.

By Randy Harward


Forget Tom Jones. Fuck Jason Mraz. For that matter, you can tell the Dave Matthews Band to suck it. Also, Pearl Jam should go spread itself on toast ’cause True Rock Gods have been added to the lineup for the 2009 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, taking place August 28-30 in San Francisco.


Tenacious D annouced their appearance today on a teleconference with media–including Blurt, which is honored at our inclusion. The D will play on August 30, the same day that even lesser acts such as The Dead Weather, Modest Mouse and Ween play, but Jack Black was complimentary of these acts, mentioning them as his own must-sees. “I’m always into seeing me some Ween,” he said… perhaps cheekily.


In fact, both Black and bandmate Kyle Gass praised the lineup, Gass saying, “Pretty much we’re on the best day… pound for pound.”


In addition to their three faves, the D’s day will feature M.I.A., Band of Horses, Calexico, Lucinda Williams, John Vanderslice and The Avett Brothers. Among others. For the full lineup, visit www.sfoutsidelands.com.


Oh, one more thing. The D would like everyone to heed a caveat about their upcoming performance: “Our shit is toned,” says Black.  “You might get burned.”

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