Squirrel Nut Zippers Are Lost At Sea


Live album will make
all the other boats rise…


By Blurt Staff


The Squirrel Nut Zippers today announced an October 27 release
date for new album Lost At Sea (Southern Broadcasting), the North
Carolina band’s first new release in nine years and
their first ever live album as well.


Recorded live at Southpaw, in Brooklyn NY,
the Squirrel Nut Zippers performed many of their greatest hits and strongest
material for a standing room only audience.  “Danny Diamond,” “Put A Lid
On It,” “Bad Businessman,” “Blue Angel,” and many other Zippers faves.


As the label puts it, “The title of the new release is very
appropriate considering the bands unfortunate departure from public life in
2002 when the Disney cruise ship they were performing aboard hit a massive
island of trash and was rendered unseaworthy. The Squirrel Nut Zippers were
forced into a dingy which was quickly swept away by ocean currents and
deposited on a remote and uninhabited island.  Surviving on coconuts and
monkey scat they managed to stave off death until a location scout for the
television reality show “Survivor” stumbled upon them and brought
them back to the United


Ah, so THAT’s what happened. Well, most Zippers fans know
the alternate story of the band’s rise, fall, demise, and return – plenty of
personal intrigue, legal goings-on, and just plain unpleasantness. Bottom line,
though, they remain a bit of a Tarheel institution, and a whale of a live act,
to.  The band returned to the road in
2007 with the core of their original line up intact: Jim “Jimbo”
Mathus (vocals and guitar), Katharine Whalen (vocals, banjo, ukulele), Chris
Phillips (drums, percussion), Je Widenhouse (Trumpet) and Stuart Cole (Bass).


“The crowds we’ve had at these shows since coming back have
been nothing short of fantastic,” Phillips commented.  “It’s been great to
reconnect with our old fans and meet all of the ones who didn’t catch us the
first time around.  It’s truly been a heartwarming experience. Honestly,
the band is getting along better than we ever did in the past and I believe the
desire is there to try recording a new album for release in 2010.”


Track Listing:



Good Enough For Grandad 

It Ain’t You 

Prince Nez

Put A Lid On It 

Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter 

Danny Diamond 

Suits Are picking Up The Bill 

My Drag 

Happens All The Time 

Bad Businessman 


Ghost Of Stephen Foster 

You Are My Radio 

Blue Angel 

Do What 

Missing Link Parade


[Photo Credit: Joshua Weinfeld]



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