Simple Minds Comment on John Hughes



Also took part in the
recent documentary about the late director.


By Blurt Staff


While most of us around the BLURT penthouse were relatively
nonplused by the passing of filmmaker John Hughes last week (we tend to tilt
more towards the oeuvre of Gregory Dark than Hughes’ Brat Pack fare), we
understand that for many of you, gentle Blurt readers, he was hugely
influential in shaping your adolescent minds. Too bad about the “musical taste”
issue, but hey…


Anyway, Simple Minds practically owe their career to Hughes,
so it comes as no surprise that frontman Jim Kerr has issued a statement paying
tribute to JH. He confirmed
that on their forthcoming ‘Graffiti Soul’ world tour they’ll dedicate “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” to the memory of John
Hughes and how his teenage coming-of-age films defined a generation.


Said Kerr, “When we perform
‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ on the forthcoming tour, we’ll be thinking about
John Hughes and how his enthusiasm for the sound of Simple Minds made us go the
extra mile when we recorded it back in 1984. Everyone was hell bent on making a
classic piece of pop rock, but little did we know the kind of longevity the
film would have on generations to come. The
Breakfast Club
helped us kick the door down, and once there, no one could
ever lock us out or tell us again what it felt like to be No.1 in America.”


In fact, there’s a documentary
titled Don’t You Forget About Me
that will be distributed worldwide by Montreal-based Alliance Films. Director
Matt Austin-Sadowski flew to Scotland
to interview Kerr, and also interviewed Brat Pack stars Ally Sheedy, Judd
Nelson, Mia Sara and Andrew McCarthy. The film follows Sadowski and producers
Kari Hollend, Mike Facciolo and Lenny Panzer as they set off on a road trip to
find Hughes. Go to for all the details.




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