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You Are Here Festival Invades Brooklyn


“Expect something unusual”: Participating artists include
TROUBLE (Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris) // Calvin Johnson // Screaming Females
// Mick Barr // Up Died Sound // Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities //
Alexis Gideon // Ty Segal // Regattas // Nine 11 Thesaurus // Sam Mickens //
Dome Theater // Mike Pride // Extra life // Pygmy Shrews // Effi Breist // John
Fell Ryan // The Coathangers // Desolation Wilderness // Random Cutting //
Excepter // Symbol // Zs // Arrington Dionyso // Dan Friel // Mega Calderos //
Chuck Bettis // Pterodactyl // Normal Love // Vaz // Make A Rising // Clan of
the Cave Bear // Electroputas // High Red Center // The Sian Alice Group // The
Present // Loud Objects // Grooms // Symbol // Shooting Spires // Crash Diet
Crew // Videohippos


By Blurt Staff


You Are Here (The
Maze) is a performance festival in a sculptural maze taking place at Williamsburg’s Death By Audio venue (49 South 2nd St, Brooklyn) from September
10 – October 2, 2009, with performances starting each evening at 9pm and
running late.


 Emphasizing the
sprawling and interconnected nature of New
York’s underground, a trip through the maze offers a
peak inside NYC’s diy art/music scene. A meditation on passage and desire, You Are Here engulfs the space and
presents beckoning inhabitants, dead ends, and uplifting epitaphs. Medium and
genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each
performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers.
Participating artists in the 3-week festival include Calvin Johnson, Screaming Females, Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities,
Zs, Excepter, Mick Barr, The Coathangers, Knyfe Hyts, The Present, Loud
Objects, Grooms, Effi Briest, Extra Life, Mike Pride, Dan Friel, Ninjasonik,
Vaz, Pygmy Shrews, Nine 11 Thesaurus, and many many others.


For more information, visit:


The tentative schedule is
below, although the You Are Here
organizers hasten to add that it’s all intended to “subvert prefab expectations
for both audiences and performers-there is no prescribed order, start time or
end time, duration, location of performance, relation of audience to
performers, and so on. All of the participating artists have been asked to
create something site-specific since the performances will, in fact, take place
within the maze. Audiences will be asked only to expect something unusual.”


Maze Schedule

Thursday 9.10.09

Skeletons Big Band
Knyfe Hyts
Dan Friel
Social Junk
+Delicious Beverages

Friday 9.11.09

The Sian Alice Group
Nine 11 Thesaurus
Experimental Dental School
Reading Rainbow
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.12.09

Extra Life
Pygmy Shrews
Up Died Sound
SETH (jeff and lala from excepter)
Interdependence Project
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.13.09

The Present
Opsvik & Jennings
Rich Johnson
Blast Off!
+Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.14.09

Calvin Johnson
Arrington Dionyso
Desolation Wildnerness
City Center

Tuesday 9.15.09

Loud Objects
Twisty Cat
Random Cutting
Mega Calderos

Wednesday 9.16.09

White Suns
Chaos Magic
Little Big
Buckets of Bile
Bird Music

Thursday 9.17.09

PC Worship
Dome Theater

Friday 9.18.09

Ty Segal
The Mantles
The Holy Experiment
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.19.09

High Red Center
Alexis Gideon
Make A Rising
Shelly Short
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.20.09

Clan of the Cave Bear
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
+Delicious Beverages

Monday 9.21.09

Sam Mickens/Mike Pride Duo

Tuesday 9.22.09

Drummer’s Corpse
Hunter Gatherer
Aaron Seigel
Meredith Arena

Wednesday 9.23.09

Shooting Spires
Grafitti Monsters
Crime Novels
Lord Easy

Thursday 9.24.09

Sam Hillmer/ Arrington Dionsyo
Charlie Looker
Daniel Carter Quartet
Total Bolsheviks

Friday 9.25.09

Effi Briest
Chuck Bettis / Mario Diaz de Leon
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages

Saturday 9.26.09

The Sleepy Doug Shaw
Hannah Marcus / Tianna Kennedy
The Screaming Females
Cheap Ventilators
The Weird Fantasy Band
+Delicious Beverages

Sunday 9.27.09

Laurel Halo
The Slowest Runner in the World
Post Abortion Stress

Monday 9.28.09

Telecult powers
Syn. Toffs
Alterazioni Video Collective

Tuesday 9.29.09

The Coathangers
Nervehunt (Justin from Teeth
Mountain / Ryan from
Xray Eyeballs

Wednesday 9.30.09

Emma Kupa (of Standard Fare)
Ava Luna

Thursday 10.1.09

Crash Diet Crew
Cntrl Top
Islands Eyelids
Deborah Karp/ Meredith Arena

Friday 10.2.09

Mick Barr
BJ Rubin
Dome Theater
+Delicious Beverages





Trampled By Turtles (hurts so good!)


For fans of Avett Brothers, Old
Crow Medicine Show, String Cheese Incident, Del McCoury Band and more.


By Blurt



string-bending Minnesota
roots band Trampled by Turtles, are headed out on a 40+ date fall tour. The
coast to coast run will have them on the road literally up to Christmas so you
have no excuse not to catch ‘em along the way. They’ll be supporting their
recently-released Duluth album.


If you
need convincing, check out some songs at their sites:



the band from the pack is the contrast of their lightening fast punk-influenced
barn-burners and their lonesome Townes Van Zandt-inspired ballads. As Artvoice Buffalo put it, “”Their
most recent release, Duluth, mirrors
the raw intensity of their live performances, which are sure to leave audiences
simultaneously raising hell and crying in their beers.”


They’ll buy you a beer, too.



Tour Dates:


August 30
| River City Roots Festival | Missoula, MT
August 31 | Urban Lounge | Salt Lake City, UT
September 2 |Alive After Five | Boise, ID
September 4 | Pig Out in the Park | Spokane, WA
September 5 & 6 | Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival | Chilliwack, BC
September 9 | Oak Park Theater | Minot, ND
September 10 | West End Cultural Centre | Winnipeg, MB
September 12 | Harvest Festival | Clarks Grove, MN
September 19 | Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion | Bristol, TN
October 11 | Middle East | Cambridge, MA
October 12 | Monkey House | Winooski, VT
October 14 | 92 Y Tribeca | New York, NY
October 15 | Iron Horse | Northampton, MA
October 16 | Narrows Center | Fall River, MA
October 17 | The Ale House | Troy, NY
October 18 | A.B.C. | Harrisburg, PA
October 20 | IOTA Club | Arlington, VA
October 21 | Pour House | Raleigh, NC
October 22 | Whitehorse Black Mountain | Black Mountain, NC
October 23 | Smith’s | Atlanta, GA
October 24 | Deep Roots Festival | Milledgeville, GA
November 6 | First Avenue | Minneapolis, MN
November 10 | Shank Hall | Milwaukee, WI
November 11 | High Noon | Madison, WI
November 12 | Radio Radio | Indianapolis, IN
November 13 | TBA | Kentucky
November 14 | Blueberry Hill | St. Louis, MO
November 19 | Red Carpet | St. Cloud, MN
November 20 | The Aquarium | Fargo, ND
November 21 | Ramkota Hall | Sioux Falls, SD
November 28 | TBA | Chicago, IL
December 4 | Doug Fir | Portland, OR
December 5 | Tractor Tavern | Seattle, WA
December 6 | Sam Bond’s Garage | Eugene, OR
December 7 | TBA | Ashland, OR
December 9 | TBA | Arcata, CA
December 11 | TBA | Santa Cruz, CA
December 12 | TBA | San Francisco, CA
December 14 | Urban Lounge | Salt Lake City, UT
December 16 | Belly Up | Aspen, CO
December 17 | Hodi’s Half Note | Fort Collins, CO
December 18 | Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO
December 19 | Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO





Gogol Bordello Go-Gos to CD/DVD


A gift for the fans…


By Blurt Staff


Gypsy punk powerhouse Gogol Bordello will release the
ultimate fan piece Live From Axis
, a CD/DVD featuring all of the fan favorites live for the first
time on DVD. Live From Axis Mundi will also feature a CD of previously unreleased tracks including
“Stivali E Colbacco” from the Super
sessions, the popularly requested “Troubled Friends”
from the Gypsy Punk sessions,
“Roumania,” a demo of “60 Revolutions” and an instrumental
version of “Immigrant Punk.” The CD also features six tracks from
the band’s BBC sessions, recorded on BBC-Radio 1’s “In The Company Of
(with Colin Murray)” in March 2008. Live From Axis Mundi will be
available on SideOneDummy Records on October 6.

The album captures the energy of Gogol Bordello’s now legendary live show
from two sold-out nights at Irving
Plaza in New York City filmed in 2007. The package
features live performances of “Start Wearing Purple,”
“Ultimate,” “Not A Crime” and the ultimate encore song
“Baro Foro” as well as music videos for “Start Wearing
Purple,” “Not A Crime,” “Wonderlust King,”
“American Wedding,” bonus chronicles and extra tracks.





1. Ultimate (BBC Sessions)
2.Wonderlust King (BBC Sessions)
3. Mishto (BBC Sessions)
4. Alcohol (BBC Sessions)
5. American Wedding (BBC Sessions)
6. You Gave Up (Roumania) (BBC Sessions)
7. Stivali E Colbacco (Super Taranta Sessions)
8. Troubled Friends (Gypsy Punk Sessions)
9. 60 Revolutions (Demo)
10. Immigrant Punk (Demo)
11. Immigrant Punk (Instrumental)

Disc 2 – DVD

Not A Crime
Dogs Were Barking
Wonderlust King
Forces of Victory
Tribal Connection
60 Revolutions
Start Wearing Purple
Think Locally, Fuck Globally
Punk Rock Parranda
Baro Foro
Immigrant Punk
East Infection
Avenue B
Harem In Tuscany

Start Wearing Purple
Not A Crime
Wonderlust King
American Wedding
Creative People Must Be Stopped!
Sacred Darling
Purple (The Pizdetz)
Musika Agressia


Tour Dates:


STATE/PROVINCE                    VENUE
10/03/09       Winnipeg,
Manitoba                          Burton
Cummings Theater
10/04/09       Saskatoon,
Saskatchawan                 The
10/05/09       Calgary,
Alberta                               MacEwan
10/07/09       Edmonton,
Alberta                            Edmonton
Events Centre
10/09/09       Vancouver, British
Columbia                Vogue
10/10/09       Vancouver, British
Columbia                Vogue
10/11/09       Spokane,
Washington                        The
Knitting Factory
10/12/09       Boise,
Idaho                                     The
Knitting Factory
10/13/09       Eugene,
Oregon                                McDonald
10/15/09       Oakland,
California                             Fox
10/18/09       Anaheim,
California                            The
Grove of Anaheim
10/20/09       Tempe,
Arizona                                 Marquee
10/21/09       Tucson,
Arizona                                Rialto
10/24/09       Lawrence,
Kansas                              Liberty
10/25/09       Columbia,
Missouri                              The
Blue Note
10/27/09       Columbus,
Ohio                                  Newport
Music Hall
10/28/09       Richmond,
Virginia                              The
10/30/09       Atlanta,
Georgia                                 Variety
10/31/09       New Orleans,
Louisiana                        Voodoo
Music Experience  
12/1/09         St.
Russia                         Glav
12/2/09         Moscow,
Russia                                  Grand
Milk Theatre    
12/4/09         Kiev, Ukraine                                      Balkan
12/8/09         Warsaw,
Poland                                  Stodola
12/9/09         Krakow,
Poland                                    Rotunda
12/11/09       Prague, Czech
Republic                         Sporthall
12/12/09       Dresden,
Germany                                 Reithalle
12/13/09       Erlangen,
Germany                                E
12/14/09       Karlsruhe,
Germany                               Tollhaus
12/16/09       Thessaloniki,
Greece                              Principal
12/17/09       Athens, Greece
12/19/09       Tel Aviv, Israel
12/20/09       Tel Aviv,
Israel                                     Barbey






Do Make Say Think do Do/Make/Say/Think


New album drops in
October, accompanied by brief US


By Blurt Staff


Do Make Say Think drops their sixth studio album Other Truths October 20th on Constellation Records. Together for
about 14 years now, they’ve crafted a typically sensory-assaulting epic that
comprises but 4 songs – cheekily titled “Do,”
“Make,” “Say,” and “Think” – each, as you imagine, a
lengthy extrapolation. This ain’t no 6-minute EP, in other words.


Bucking the trend towards diminishing attention spans,
immediate gratification, snappy digital singles and things that go ‘pop’ right
out of the gate, DMST admirably stick to their roots and allow the vines that
spring from their fertile musical garden to wind, curl and climb for as long as
required. More than ever, the players keep their heads down, creating multi-movement
instrumental works (with the occasional mantric or wordless vocal passage,
courtesy guest singers The Akron Family
and Lullabye Arkestra),
overflowing with attention to tone and timbre, animated by unfussy yet ornate
harmony, melody and polyrhythm, shot through with ineffable soul. The album
represents the first time since the band’s debut (recorded over a dozen years
ago) that they have found themselves with an entire collection of songs that
unfold so organically over long duration.

The backstory: Do Make Say Think has always managed
to gather, balance and synthesize various poles simultaneously –
ragged/precise, dirty/clean, atmospheric/ stratospheric – forging sonic
narratives that combine broad strokes and clusters of detail. Perhaps more than
their overtly ‘post-modern’ commingling of various musical genres (psych, jazz,
dub, folk) this less conspicuous, indefinable ability to maintain such a consistently
enthralling fusion of instincts is the true mark of the band, yielding a music
that sounds and feels so unforced, natural and human. Certainly a key part of
this unquantifiable equation is the band’s self-production, which has shaped
their sound from the beginning, and grown along with it. Led by Ohad Benchetrit and his home studio Th’ Schvitz in Toronto, along with Charles Spearin and Justin Small, DMST has developed a
canny and novel toolbox of recording and mixing techniques that contributes
significantly to their sonic identity.


Other Truths will be available on CD in a
custom gatefold cardstock jacket and in a first pressing on deluxe 180gLP that
includes a limited edition poster (unique to the LP package), an artwork insert
printed on heavyweight translucent paper and a CD copy of the album all packed
in a thick 24pt. paperboard record jacket. The album is also available




1. Do
2. Make
3. Say
4. Think


Tour Dates:


10-Sept-09 Wordless Music Festival – Miller Theatre (Columbia
University)    New York
25-Nov-09 Sala Rossa    Montreal
26-Nov-09 Sala Rossa    Montreal
27-Nov-09 Middle East Downstairs    Cambridge,
28-Nov-09 Music Hall Of Williamsburg
   Brooklyn, NY    
30-Nov-09 First Unitarian Church    Philadelphia
01-Dec-09 Rock and Roll Hotel    Washington
02-Dec-09 Brillobox Pittsburgh, PA
03-Dec-09 Crofoot Ballroom    Pontiac,
04-Dec-09 Schubas Tavern    Chicago, IL





Martin Bisi is one Son Of A Gun


Digital-only EP
doesn’t have any topless women, but it DOES have Bill Laswell…


By Blurt Staff


BLURT blogger (and musician, and noted producer) Martin Bisi
releases Son Of A Gun, a digital-only 5-song follow up to his Sirens
Of The Apocalypse
(CD) from earlier this year.
It’s due next month from Contraphonic. On Son Of A Gun, Bisi brings in
musicians from his extended revolving line-up at live shows – long time
collaborator Bill Laswell, and members of The Dresden Dolls, Fiery Furnaces,
Balkan Beat Box, and World Inferno Friendship Society.

Son Of A Gun, whose cover is a surreal image of Bisi with a rifle, is
thematically on the other side of the coin from Sirens Of Apocalypse.
Where as the topless women on the cover of Sirens reveal an outward gaze
into society, Son Of A Gun is more self-referential.

Two songs on the EP are meant to be sister tracks – “Mile High- Apple of
My Eye,” featuring Bill Laswell on bass, and “Mile
High-Formaldehyde” with Brian Viglione from The Dresden Dolls on drums.
The two “Mile High” tracks share a lot of identical lyrics and are
directed at the similarities between Bisi and his daughter – “You share my

“Rise Up Cowboy” philosophically refers to a masculine presence and
archtype that Bisi finds within himself, and ubiquitously in the world.
“Rise Up Cowboy” is embellished with very ambient sax by Peter Hess
from Balkan Beat Box and World Inferno Friendship society, and features Bob
D’amico, the regular drummer for Fiery Furnaces. D’amico also plays on
“Drink Your Wine.”



Doors Break On Through One Last Time




Four concerts represent the Lizard
King’s final NYC performances prior to his death.


By Blurt Staff


Rhino and Doors vault label Bright Midnight Archives will release four performances
from The Doors’ final tour as Live In New
on Nov. 10. The latest addition to the band’s series of archival
concert releases, this six-disc collection contains all four of The Doors’
performances – in their entirety – recorded in 1970 at the Felt Forum in New York City. An exclusive
stream of “Break On Through (To The Other Side)” from the second show on
January 17, 1970 will premiere at beginning today, Aug. 27.


All four shows were mixed and mastered by the band’s longtime engineer,
Bruce Botnick, who recorded a number of shows from The Doors’ 1970 tour on
multi-track tape for the Absolutely Live album. While most of the music
contained on Live In New York is
unreleased, a few songs (and portions of songs) surfaced in 1970 on Absolutely Live and in 1997 on The Doors Box Set. These shows represent
The Doors’ final New York City
performances with Morrison, who passed away July 3, 1971. (Intriguingly, while
the box set will go for a whopping 90 bucks, a digital version featuring “select
highlights” from all four Felt Forum shows will also be available at all digital
retail outlets for $9.99.)


Here’s the scoop, courtesy Rhino:


Recorded January 17 and 18, 1970 – just a few weeks before the release of Morrison Hotel – these concerts find Jim
Morrison, John Densmore, Robby Krieger, and Ray Manzarek locked in tight as
they deliver smoking takes on soon-to-be-classics from their forthcoming album,
including “Roadhouse Blues,” “Peace Frog,” “Ship Of Fools,” and “Maggie
M’Gill.” The shows also feature a number of driving blues covers, such as Bo
Diddley’s “Who Do You Love,” Howlin’ Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster,” and John Lee
Hooker’s “Crawling King Snake.” “Those were the bluesy songs we always used to
do,” Krieger says. “We probably hadn’t done them in years, but we resurrected
them for these shows.”


The year prior to these shows, The Doors became one of the first rock bands
to play New York City’s Madison Square
Garden. When they
returned in 1970, Densmore says they chose to play the Felt Forum, a smaller
venue at the Garden. “It was more intimate, and you could feel the audience
more,” he says. “There was more interaction, and the acoustics were much
better, because it was designed for music.”


Manzarek hails these shows as a return to the group’s early days, when they
used to play a small Los Angeles
club called the London Fog. “I mean, talk about going back to basics. We used
to do four sets a night at the London Fog, and we only had a small block of
songs written up to that time. So we would do other people’s material. And in New York, it was like
the same thing. We’ve got four shows to play here, two sets tonight, two sets
tomorrow night. Let’s play whatever we want! Let’s just go!”


And go they did. Along with a mix of then-unheard new songs and old covers,
the band also tapped into its 1967, self-titled debut, peppering the set lists
with signature songs such as “Break On Through (To The Other Side),” “Soul
Kitchen,” “The End,” and “Light My Fire,” The Doors’ first #1 hit.For the final
show of the Felt Forum stand, the band was joined onstage by two guests – The
Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian (who played harmonica on the studio version of
“Roadhouse Blues”) and drummer Dallas Taylor, who’d played on Crosby, Stills
& Nash’s debut. Sebastian sat in for “Rock Me” and was joined by Taylor for “Going To N.Y.
Blues” and “Maggie M’Gill.”


Prior to the release of LIVE IN NEW YORK, Rhino will release 180-gram vinyl
versions of all six Doors studio albums on September 15. Previously available
only in 2007’s The Doors Vinyl Box,
original stereo mixes of The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun, The Soft
Parade, Morrison Hotel, and L.A. Woman will now be available individually at
all vinyl retail outlets.

Track Listing:


Disc 1

January 17, 1970 (First Show)

1. Start Of Show
2. “Roadhouse Blues”
3. “Ship Of Fools”*
4. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
5. Tuning
6. “Peace Frog”
7. “Blue Sunday”
8. “Alabama
Song (Whisky Bar)”
9. “Back Door Man”*
10. “Love Hides”*
11. “Five To One”*
12. Tuning/Breather
13. “Who Do You Love”
14. “Little Red Rooster”
15. “Money”
16. Tuning
17. “Light My Fire”*
18. More, More, More
19. “Soul Kitchen”*
20. End Of Show


Disc 2

January 17, 1970 (Second Show)

1. Start Show 2
2. Jim “How Ya Doing?”
3. “Roadhouse Blues”
4. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”*
5. “Ship Of Fools”
6. “Crawling King Snake”
7. “Alabama
Song (Whisky Bar)”
8. “Back Door Man”*
9. “Five To One”
10. Pretty Neat, Pretty Good
11. “Build Me A Woman”
12. Tuning/Breather
13. “Who Do You Love”*
14. Tuning/Breather
15. “Wild Child”*
16. Cheering/Tuning
17. “When The Music’s Over”


Disc 3

January 17, 1970 (Second Show) continued

1. Tuning/Breather
2. “Light My Fire”*
3. Hey, Mr. Light Man!
4. “Soul Kitchen”*
5. Jim’s Fish Joke
6. “The End”
7. End Of Show


Disc 4

January 18, 1970 (Third Show)

1. Start Show 3
2. “Roadhouse Blues”*
3. “Ship Of Fools”*
4. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”*
5. Tuning/Breather
6. “Universal Mind”*
7. “Alabama
Song (Whisky Bar)” – False Start*
8. “Alabama
Song (Whisky Bar)”*
9. “Back Door Man”*
10. “Five To One”
11. Tuning/Breather
12. “Moonlight Drive”
13. “Who Do You Love”*
14. Calling Out For Songs
15. “Money”*
16. Tuning/Breather
17. “Light My Fire”
18. More, More More
19. “When The Music’s Over”*
20. Good Night – End Show


Disc 5

January 18, 1970 (Fourth Show)

1. Start Show 4
2. “Roadhouse Blues”*
3. “Peace Frog”*
4. “Alabama
Song (Whisky Bar)”*
5. “Back Door Man”
6. “Five To One”
7. We Have A Special Treat
8. “Celebration Of The Lizard”
9. Alright Let’s Boogie
10. “Build Me A Woman”
11. “When The Music’s Over”*
12. More, More, More

Disc 6

January 18, 1970 (Fourth Show) continued

1. “Soul Kitchen”*
2. For Fear Of Getting Too Patriotic
3. Petition The Lord With Prayer
4. “Light My Fire”
5. Only When The Moon Comes Out
6. “Close To You”
7. The Encore Begins
8. “Rock Me”*
9. What To Do Next?
10. “Going To N.Y. Blues”*
11. Tuning/Breather
12. “Maggie M’Gill”*
13. Tuning/Breather
14. “Gloria”*/End Of Show

*Previously unreleased




Russ Meyer Dips in the Sugar Boxx


Busty stars reunite
for new women-in-prison film… soundtrack features music from Combustible Edison and Guns N’ Roses alumni… sadly, it’s rated “R” so
all you BLURT readers will have to get your parents to take you!


By Blurt Staff


Buxom cult legends Tura Satana (Faster,
Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
) and Kitten Natividad (Russ
Meyer’s UP!
) will, ahem, bust out of the silver screen in Sugar
, a new women-in-prison film opening September 5th. An
authentic homage to 1970’s women-in-prison and grindhouse movies, Sugar
 also features a rare appearance by the godfather of 1970’s
exploitation film, writer/director Jack Hill (CoffyFoxy Brown,
Big Bird Cage



The film stars Geneviere Anderson (Star Trek), The’la
“Rain” Brown (VH1’s Flavor Of Love), and Hollywood great Jacqueline Scott (Charley
Macabre). Its musical score boasts contributions by
The Millionaire of Combustible Edison fame and Steven Adler, formerly of


SUGAR BOXX premieres
in Los Angeles
on September 5th for an exclusive engagement at Laemmle’s
Sunset 5 Theatres. The sexy and violent old-school exploitation feature will
also make a simultaneous “Video On Demand” world premiere in September as well.



Further information and trailers are available at
You can view the “Theatrical” trailer, the “Exploitation” trailer (also posted,
below) or a special one featuring Tura Satana offering her special brand of
testimonial. Keep your eyes peeled for shower scenes and catfights… and watch
out when that “powder keg” explodes, boys.





Massive Attack LP Moved; EP For October


But the previously announced world tour is still on.


By Blurt Staff


With the recent news of
Massive Attack’s new studio album now in flux – the tentatively titled Weather Underground was slated for
October, but now it’s due next February – word arrives that the band will still
be dropping their first new material in three years on Oct. 6 via Virgin.


It’s an EP of four new tracks.
The lead song “Splitting The Atom” features Robert Del Naja (3D),
Grant Marshall (Daddy G) and Horace Andy, while TV On The Radio frontman Tunde
Adebimpe guests on “Pray For Rain”. The EP also has remixes of two
new tracks; “Psyche” featuring Martina Topley-Bird is given the
re-rub by Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid who have recently remixed Bat For
Lashes and The Big Pink, while the Guy Garvey fronted “Bulletproof
Love” is stripped back to a minimalist reworking by Christoff Berg, who
alongside Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid produced the Fever Ray eponymous

Meanwhile, the upcoming full-length will feature collaborations with Damon
Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe.

Earlier this year, Massive
Attack won the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award at the Ivor
Novello Awards.  Massive Attack will headline this year’s Bestival on
Friday, September 11th ahead of their first full UK
tour in three years that begins on September 17th in London. Check for dates and

EP Tracklisting:

1.      Splitting The Atom
2.      Pray For Rain
3.      Bulletproof Love (Van Rivers and The
Subliminal Kid Remix)
4.      Psyche (Flash Treatment)



Krautrockers Kraftwerk w/Remasters Box



Also deploy intriguing marketing gimmick to get
you to buy the whole package. Sadly, no bonus tracks.


By Blurt Staff


Kraftwerk celebrate
the 35th anniversary of their landmark 1974 hit ‘Autobahn’ by releasing a
special collector’s CD boxset featuring remastered versions of eight albums on October 6th. It’s titled 12345678 The Catalogue.


They have upgraded
their Kling Klang masters with the latest studio technology and these eight recordings
– alliteratively billed as “streamlined synthetic symphonies standing outside
time, as fresh as tomorrow, transcendent and sublime” – remain across the board


12345678 The Catalogue will be released across the following


*CD Boxset
containing 8 x CDs in ‘mini-vinyl’ card wallet packaging, plus individual large
format booklets. (Due to licensing
restrictions in the U.S.,
only five of the eight albums will be released as separate CD editions: Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans Europe Express, The Man Machine and Tour
De France
(2003). As
a result, the only way for fans to own the entire catalogue on CD is to
purchase the Box Set.)


*5 x individual
CDs in special O-card slipcases featuring newly expanded artwork, including
many previously unseen images, all of which have been reproduced to the highest
technical standards


*5 x individual
heavyweight vinyl LPs with large format booklets




The band has kindly provided descriptions of its
back catalogue for those of you who walked in late…



With its iconic
Emil Schult sleeve, Kraftwerk release their international breakthrough album.
The symphonic title track, an epic ode to the joys of motorway travel, wraps a
mesmerising motorik rhythm around a sampled collage of car horns, engine noise,
whirring tyres and radio crackle. In edited form, it becomes a revolutionary
hit single around the world.


Elsewhere, in
wordless industrial folk music, the band reveal both their light and dark sides
– ‘Mitternacht’ is all creeping midnight shadows, while ‘Morgenspaziergang’ is
fresh with morning dew and birdsong. Two versions of ‘Kometenmelodie’, one a
starkly gothic prowl, the other a sunny electro boogie, provide further
instrumental sound paintings. Pure and strong and bold, Kraftwerk compose
cinema for the ears. The pop world falls in love with them.



Kraftwerk embrace
the atomic age with mixed emotions. Surfing on sine waves, scanning the
stratosphere for stray radio signals, they plug themselves into a buzzing grid
of energy and communication. From the stately eco-angst anthem ‘Radioactivity’
to the synthetic Gregorian chants of ‘Radio Stars’ and the melancholy machine
processional of ‘Ohm Sweet Ohm’, a sombre but engrossing monumentalism
dominates. With heavily processed vocals in both German and English, Kraftwerk
go global with depth and majesty. If factories and power stations are the new
cathedrals, they write liturgies for a new industrial epoch.



celebrate Europe’s romantic past and
shimmering future with a glistening panorama of elegance and decadence, travel
and technology. The infinite vistas of ‘Europe Endless’ and ‘Endless Endless’
bookend the album, which includes the unsettling Kafka-esque fable ‘The Hall Of
Mirrors’ and the hilarious ‘Showroom Dummies’ – Kraftwerk’s elegantly ironic
reply to critiques of their deadpan manner. But it is the streamlined rhythmic
locomotive of ‘Trans Europe Express’ which dominates with
its doppler-effect melodic swerves and hypnotic, pneumatic, piston-pumping
rhythm. Along with its sister track, ‘Metal On Metal’ which New York DJ
Afrika Bambaataa would re-construct five years later for his own seminal
‘Planet Rock’, this milestone in avant-pop modernism later becomes a crucial influence
on the early pioneers of hip-hop & sampling, electro and industrial
music. Poetry in motion.


MACHINE (1978)

A bold new look,
sound and concept for Kraftwerk. Over supple processed rhythms which predate
the rise of European techno and trance, they address automation and alienation,
space travel and engineering, the seductive allure of urban landscapes and
the vacant glamour of celebrity. Clipped and funky, ‘The Robots’ adds another
dimension to Kraftwerk’s ultra-dry sense of humour. Behind its intoxicating
melodic pulse, ‘The Model’ is a highly prophetic satire on the beauty industry,
so ahead of its time that it only becomes a UK chart-topper by accident three
years later. And ‘Neon Lights’ is Kraftwerk’s most achingly romantic song to
date, a sci-fi lullaby for cities at twilight. Pure magic.


WORLD (1981)

Kraftwerk beam
themselves into the future by writing about home computers, online dating and
globalised electronic surveillance years before these phenomena truly come into
being. A journey into the bright hopes and dark fears of the booming microchip
revolution, ‘Computer World’ is a serenely beautiful and almost seamless
collage of sensual melodies and liquid beatscapes. Tracks like ‘Numbers’ and
‘Pocket Calculator’, with their weightless bleeps and elastic beats, predict
the silky rhythms of Chicago house and inspire a generation of Detroit techno
artists. Kraftwerk’s fanfare for the silicon age still sounds ageless, timeless
and throbbing with invention.



Kraftwerk return
from five years of silence to reclaim their throne as leaders of a machine-pop
revolution that they themselves began over a decade before. Their ‘Techno Pop’
album, first released under the name ‘Electric Café’ but now restored to its
originally intended title, provides a 360-degree overview of a multi-lingual,
multi-channel, musically diverse global village.


From the
block-rocking beats of ‘Boing Boom Tschack’ to the electronic funk and computer
animation of ‘Musique Non Stop’, Kraftwerk soar into the digital age. Their
first excursion into digital recording finds both beauty and unease in a
polyglot world of permanent media overload. Once again, Dusseldorf’s test pilots of the musical
future effortlessly break new ground.



Kraftwerk’s first
fully digital album confirmed their clubland credentials and reworked 11 of
their best-loved tunes for a new generation. Painstakingly reconstructed and
sequenced in the band’s Kling Klang studio, new versions of tracks like
‘The Robots’, ‘Trans Europe Express’ and ‘Home Computer’ now feature more funky
rhythms and cleaned-up, liquid-crystal sounds. A stark warning about pollution
at Sellafield is added to the glistening overhaul of ‘Radioactivity’, sparking
a war of words with British Nuclear Fuels. But most of all, ‘The Mix’ is a
career-spanning collection of legendary electro anthems and a classy
acknowledgment of the two-way traffic between Kraftwerk and club culture.



The year 2003
marked the centenary of the Tour de France, the conceptual starting line for
Kraftwerk’s first album for over a decade. Although it features an immaculate
new version of a 20-year-old former single, the exquisitely graceful ‘Tour de
France’, pop nostalgia is not on the menu. From the chunky cyber-funk of
‘Vitamin’ to the restless metallic shimmers of ‘Aéro Dynamik’,
this is emphatically the sound of 21st century techno visionaries.







Outside Lands Goes YouTube-ing


To be the first-ever festival webcast on the YouTube site. Dig those trademarks!

By Blurt Staff

Another Planet Entertainment, Superfly Productions and Starr Hill Presents, in a
partnership with the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, today
announced that YouTubeTM will stream live the Outside Lands Music & Arts
Festival to viewers in the US. The live webcast will be featured on beginning Friday, August 28th – Sunday, August 30th.
The festival coverage will include performances from Dave Matthews Band, Jason
Mraz, Thievery Corporation, The Dead Weather, Silversun Pickups, Raphael Saadiq,
Cage the Elephant, Atmosphere, among others.

The tradition of
marrying music and technology continues to be a foundation of the Outside Lands
Music & Arts Festival. “We are proud to feature Outside Lands as the
first-ever live streamed festival on such a powerful and recognizable platform
as YouTube,” said Richard Goodstone of Superfly Productions. Created by Superfly
Marketing Group in partnership with YouTube and The T-Mobile® myTouchTM 3G, the
webcast will mark the first time YouTube has streamed a major event live on its

“Music and many of the
artists performing at Outside Lands have always found a home and audience on
YouTube,” said Ross Hoffman of YouTube Strategic Partnerships.  “We’re thrilled
to bring this incredible live music festival to everyone in our community who
won’t be there in-person to experience the show”. In addition to live streaming
directly from the festival, fans will be able to access an archive of selected
performances and highlights on Youtube’s Outside Lands channel.