OMFG! Sonic Youth to do Gossip Girl


Band pulls a cred-enhancing (yeah, but for who?) Flaming Lips move this


By Fred Mills


Don’t be so quick to ROTFL, all you teen-soap junkies: with the announcement
of Sonic Youth’s impending appearance on Gossip Girl this fall, the CW
network hit automatically ratchets up the hip quotient, much like the Flaming
Lips gave Beverly Hills 90210 some serious street cred after they did an episode back in the ‘90s.


According to a report today at, SY will turn up in the fifth
episode this coming season doing an acoustic version of “Starpower.”
While you’re mulling over that little bit of a jaw-scraper, check out the BLURT cover story on the band that’s in our latest issue.


“Sonic Youth is one of my favorite bands,” GG showrunner
Stephanie Savage is quoted as saying in the article. “Last year when I was
doing my regular Gossip Girl google search, it came up in some blog
about a Sonic Youth show that Thurston [Moore] was playing ‘Psychic Hearts’ and
Gossip Girl was playing on a screen in the background. And I was like,
Whaaaat? Oh my God. I hope they’re not making fun of us! I hope it
was a cool, edgy homage!’ And it turned out that it was – tongue in cheek for
sure, but definitely with love, and that they were fans of the show.


“We have a very special event coming in Episode 5 that we’re filming
right now and they seemed the ideal musical guest for it. It’s a big event that
involves [engaged adults] Rufus and Lily. Just draw your own conclusions.”


Works for us. We’ve never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl or,
for that matter, Beverly Hills 90210 – we’re really more That Girl and Beverly Hillbillies buffs.
And we have plenty of Sonic Youth records on the shelf to keep us in good
stead, sonically. But, hey… BYOB!




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