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Has summer even happened? Good Lord, it’s almost over and it feels, with the recent swelter-fest (at least in the East Coast) that it just started.

Lots of good stuff cranked at Outlandos HQ to keep us feeling somewhat cool, see below.

But first, petite favor to ask you kids. This will literally take you 2 seconds, it’s super easy and you don’t even have to give a rats tail about SxSW but… would you vote for us? 30 seconds of your life. It’s a BIG deal in our world and would mean so much! How could we ever do it without you? Seriously. Thanks zillions. If we get in, not only do I get a free badge (let me tell you, those suckers are expensive) but we get some handy-dandy publicity.

Help me, help me? Just click the three links below and then click the “thumbs up” next to each one:

The Value of Emotional Value (Interactive Version)

Doing It like Trent: DIY for the Little Guy

Leveraging Emotional Value (Music Version)

Now on to the fun stuff:

1. Contramano, Contramano

Buy it.
Argentinian chamber-punk. Go figure. It’s spectacular. Seriously, you need to own this record IMMEDIATELY. In case you missed it, they were featured on the Dose last week.

2. Roman Candle, Oh Tall Tree in the Ear


Buy it.
The Bees (US) are easily one of my favorite bands of all time []


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