Michael Gira Talks Up Lisa Germano


New album due in
September from Young God.


By Blurt Staff


Everyone knows delightful songstress Lisa Germano. And everyone
knows Michael Gira, late of Swans, currently of Angels of Light, and of course
the mainman at Young God Records. When Gira speaks, we listen. And he’s got
some news about Lisa Germano. Read on…




“Lisa Germano has completed a new album. It’s called Magic Neighbor. It’s in production now, and it’ll be out mid September.
Lisa hid herself away for a long while, and I was beginning to despair, then
suddenly this beautiful music started coming my way. I think this is one of her
best albums yet. The depth of feeling in her words and singing is truly
remarkable, and she never fails to tug at my heart. Somehow it’s both sad,
wistful, and hopeful, all at once. It’s very private, solitary music. In my
view it’s deeply engaging, and I often stop what I’m doing and drift off with
it into its’ world when I listen to it – time and troubles disappear for a
short while.  For some reason her music reminds me of early Disney songs –
fuzzy and dreamy. Thinking about it today, I also thought of the great – and
neglected – music that Tom Waits did with Crystal Gail for the movie One From The Heart.”




So there ou have it. Keep that calendar page turned to
September, music fans. Magic Neighbor will
be on CD and LP (the latter w/free CD insert).



[Photo Credit: Dina Douglass]




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