Lemmy Giving Away Sam Fox at Wedding


Sometimes the news
just writes itself around here…


By Fred Mills


Hearts were broken recently when it was announced that
erstwhile pop star/page three gal Samantha Fox would be marrying her longtime
partner Myra Stratton. Fox, of course, provided more hairy palmed fantasy-per-capita
than just about any video vixen you could name back during her MTV heyday. Who
cares that her singing “style” as it were paved the way for Britney Spears’
similarly tuneless warble!


(Fox also carries the distinction of being one of the few
musicians we know of whose Wikipedia entry lists here measurements – for the
record, although this may be an underestimation even though she’s only just
over 5 feet tall, they are 34c-24-33.)





Anyhow, according to the Screen Door blog, Fox and Stratton,
who is also Fox’s manager, have been together for about a decade now, and they
don’t plan to just tie any old knot: they are talking about having Motorhead’s Lemmy give Fox away at the wedding. Fox
is quoted in the article as telling OK! mag, “I’ll tell you who’s definitely coming – Lemmy from Motörhead. We
might get him to give me away, and we might get Liz Mitchell from BONEY M to do
the ceremony – she’s a pastor now.”




It just don’t get any better than this, folks. Let’s revisit
the Fox aesthetic, below, which includes, irony of ironies, a brief stint
working with Lemmy’s old band Hawkwind!






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