Jack White Solo 45 Drops Next Week


His label Third Man
also doing releases from Transit and Dan Sartain.


By Blurt Staff


You already know of Jack White’s announcement to release
lots of 45s on his Third Man label, most of them to be produced by White
himself. The label has already done the Dex Romweber Duo, Mildred and the Mice
and White’s own band the Dead Weather. So – here’s the dope on a new batch,
straight from the label, as announced today. They’ll be hitting stores, digital
retailers and the Third Man website (which is taking preorders right now). While all the releases thus far appear to still be available, it’s reasonable to assume that the White solo rec will probably sell out fairly quickly.


White – “Fly Farm Blues”


Farm Blues” is a song written on the spot by Jack White at the request of film
director Davis Guggenheim while filming the impressive new guitar documentary It
Might Get Loud
. The film features in-depth looks at Mr. White, The Edge,
and Jimmy Page’s relationships with the six-stringed instrument.  Jack
recorded the song immediately to two-track, all while being filmed for the
documentary in the attic of the Fly Farm. Some astute viewers may recognize
this attic room as the same used by Jim Jarmusch in his video for the
Raconteurs’ “Steady As She Goes.”


Farm Blues” is released on a special one-sided 45 RPM vinyl 7-inch by Third Man
Records and on iTunes in conjunction with Sony Pictures Classics and the
release of the feature documentary It Might Get Loud screened at
selected theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting August 14th, 2009, and
then coming soon to a town near you. Check www.itmightgetloud.com for full release schedule.


Sartain – “Bohemian Grove” b/w “Atheist Funeral”


Sartain started out in 2001 self-producing and self-releasing his first two
albums, Crimson Guard and Romance in Stereo, before moving to
Swami Records for the groundbreaking Dan Sartain vs. The Serpientes and Join Dan Sartain. He’s been called the no-wave Johnny Cash, and
although it’s a title with a lot of flash, it’s also somewhat misleading. 
Comparisons to Johnny Cash are inevitably futile. But what Dan is is
another vital link in the rock and roll visionary chain stretching from Rufus
Thomas to Glenn Danzig to O.D.B. He’s a fiercely independent romantic like no
other and we’re proud to be working with him.


Man Records presents two new Jack White-produced songs in our Blue Series of 7″
records written and performed by Dan Sartain, sounding nothing like anything
he’s recorded in the past. “Bohemian Grove” is an almost Ethiopiques-influenced
jazz-style groover and the B-side is called “Atheist Funeral.” Enough said.


– “C’mon and Ride” b/w “Afterparty”


Transit is a band whose membership is composed entirely of
employees of the Nashville Metro Transit Authority. They are part of a
long-standing folk tradition of people coming together to make something beautiful
out of a shared external circumstance. From the Detroit Sanitary Worker’s Band
or the American Watch Company Band, there is deep history of music that
reflects employee’s shared experiences and brings them to the wider attention
of the public at large.


Third Man Records presents two songs produced by Jack
White that are by and about the Nashville bussing system, written and recorded
by the people who know it best; the drivers, cleaners, mechanics, and office
workers of the Nashville Metro Transit Authority. They are called Transit and
this record is the fifth release in Third Man’s Blue Series.










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