In Short: August 2009

You know the drill… taking our cue from Seth Godin with the idea that what unites us is more than music — basically, if we share the same taste in music, we likely share the same taste in other stuff, as seemingly useless as it occasionally may be. Hence, this month’s compendium:

Stuff That’s Kept Me from Losing My Mind This Summer

1. Harry Potter Hangover


Seriously. It happens to me every summer. Another book comes out so I have to read all of the previous books again just to remember what the hell is going on. Same deal with the films. So in advance of the Half-Blood Prince’s release, it was the usual deal: start reading around midnight, can’t put the damn thing down til roughly 4 AM = bags under the eyes daily.

I don’t know who that kid is but I like it.

2. Air Rifle


Friggin cool. My parents pulled it out of the basement and it was love at first shot. That’s my dad (sporting silk boxers with silver dragons) getting in touch with his inner badass. Forgot to take one of me. I did good. Everyone should have one of these things. Yes, I’m still a Democrat []

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