I hate Led Zepplin

I hate Led Zeppelin. That’s not true. I don’t hate them; I just don’t buy into all the hype.
I’ve tried to fit in… especially in high school. I had a couple tapes though never really listened to them. Just kept them around for appearances. I even drew the ZOSO symbols from their fourth album on the white rubber part of my Chuck Taylors in 9th grade. I chalk that one up to peer pressure.
Robert Plant has a cool voice; Agreed. Jimmy Page is a great guitar player; No argument here. John Bonham kicked ass on the drums; No doubt. Individually they are brilliant. But put them all together and you’ve got a rock decent band, with a jones for old blues songs, but not THE defining moment in rock. They are pretty much the Blue Oyster Cult with better PR.
What most Zeppelin fans won’t ever admit (regardless of how often these deep dark thoughts creep into their sweaty little heads) is that the idea of Led Zeppelin, the legend behind the band – everything from the wild groupie sex stories to the rumors of Satan worship – is far, far greater than the band’s actually musical contribution.  
Name a song that you can’t possible live without. “Stairway to Heaven”?  “Whole Lotta Love”?  “Rock and Roll”?  I’ll take a Replacement’s song any day of the week.

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