Fla. Rapper Jailed For Anti-Cop Lyrics


“He de-stressed with
music” – which included writing a song about killing policemen, not necessarily
the most often recommended stress reliever, but hey…


By Blurt Staff



Shades of Ice-T, Body Count and “Cop Killer.” What, is it
the early ‘90s here in America
all over again?


Antavio Johnson is in prison for two years for writing and recording a song
that concerned violence against policemen. According to a report in the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida
rapper’s “Kill A Cop” was posted to a MySpace page in February, and after about
two weeks a Polk County gang detective came across it and
launched an investigation.


Apparently Johnson was already in jail at the time for a
probation violation, and in June he subsequently pleaded no contest to “two
counts of corruption by threat of public servant” and received two years from
the judge.


In the article Johnson’s older brother Gerald claimed that
Antavio had originally written the song as a teenager when he felt harassed by
police (in the tune, he calls out certain officers and threatens to shoot
them), but while its content is “life-based” it was “not advocating” killing
police and that it was “never supposed to be public.”


Memo to Johnson: MySpace is, er, a public venue. The owner
of the record label Hood Certified Entertainment, upon whose MySpace page the
song was posted, added that Johnson isn’t a violent person. “If someone
wants to de-stress, they go out for a run, they paint a picture, they write in
a journal. He de-stressed with music.”


At any rate, the ACLU has expressed interest in the case
while not intervening yet, and the article quotes a First Amendment lawyer who
questions the initial charge and subsequent conviction.


“Wanting to kill cops is not a prosecutable
offense,” attorney Larry Walters said, adding that the lyrics made
conditional threats and were not made directly to the officers named.
“Even if this would cross the line, this is a song. We live in a free




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