Ex-Human Drama Indovina’s Blue Heart


Second album just
might be one of the mid-year’s best so far…


By Fred Mills


Who out there remembers Human Drama? For aficionados of dark
wave and goth rock of the mid/late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the New Orleans-formed/Los
Angeles-based band was among the leading lights on that
black-clothing-and-mascara scene. And the group always seemed to have a bit
more class, its roots running deeper, than many of its contemporaries (not for
nothing did Human Drama release its own personalized take on Bowie’s covers collection Pinups). HD recorded for RCA, Triple X
and Projekt, and although by about 1995 it was past its heyday (as was the
whole dark wave milieu), frontman Johnny Indovina kept the group going until



(Human Drama, above; below, Sound Of the Blue Heart)



The following year Indovina resurfaced as Sound Of the Blue
Heart, releasing the album …Beauty? which,
while clearly descended from his earlier group, seemed to bring an additional
measure of subtlety and grace, to the fore. Just recently Sound Of the Blue Heart
issued its sophomore platter, Wind of
(Hollows Hill Sound Recordings), and it’s an elegant, engaging, at
times warmly psychedelic, others jauntily jazz, listen, with edgy, Spanish-flavored guitar patterns
tussling with lush keyboard textures while Indovina unleashes his signature
vocals – think David Sylvian, Bowie, Leonard Cohen and the Church’s Steve
Kilbey all rolled into one. Hold that thought – fans of The Church will find
much on the album to dig. And there’s a cut on there that’ll have Wall-era Pink Floyd lovers pinching
themselves, too.


The band features Indovina’s old Human Drama pal Michael
Mallory on bass, plus guitarists Gregg Burns and Tim Grove, keyboardist/backing
vocalist Rebecca Bolam, and drummer Rob Cournoyer. Check ‘em out on the web:









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