Calexico Issues Ltd. Ed. Live Album

Mail order only
release recorded in Brussels
during 2008 tour.


By Fred Mills


Everyone’s favorite Arizona band Calexico is spending the
month of August over in Europe, doing those ever-lucrative European festivals
(tour dates here) in their ongoing campaign to take last year’s Carried To Dust to the masses (our
feature on the band from last fall is here). But that doesn’t mean you Stateside
fans can’t be diggin’ yourself some fresh Calexico.


Just recently the band issued another one of their
tour/mailorder only CDs (most likely a limited edition that will quickly sell out,
as have previous tour titles). Called Ancienne Belgique – Live In Brussels
, it
was recorded last year during their Euro trek and contains the following tracks
(and can be obtained via their main website):


  1. Bisbee
    2. Roka
    3. Bend To The Road
    4. El Gatillo
    5. Two Silver Trees
    6. Inspiracion
    7. Minas De Cobre
    8. Man Made Lake
    9. Alone Again Or
    10. Fractured Air
    11. Red Blooms
    12. Victor Jara’s Hands
    13. Crystal Frontier
    14. Crumble [Bonus Track]


According to co-founder Joey Burns, “The past ten months of touring the new
album ‘Carried To Dust’ has been
filled with a lot of great shows and experiences. We’ve met a lot of folks,
seen a lot of friends and there’s been a bunch of requests for some live
recordings of the new material to be sold at our concerts. So, with the help of
the staff at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels
we recorded one of the best shows of the tour. Thanks to Peter Verstraelen, our
Belgian Promoter, Staf Verbeek who recorded the show, Craig Schumacher who
mixed the recording, Jim Blackwood who mastered it, David Babbitt who did the
art layout, and Adam Reach who coordinated the assembly. Thanks, too for all of
the musicians, guests, crew, friends and families who helped with making all of
this possible.


“The artwork is comprised of photos from the band’s first tour of Santiago
de Chile and South America which influenced
some of the songs on ‘Carried To Dust.’
We would love to return to South America as we’ve yet to play Brazil, Peru,
Uruguay… heck, we haven’t
even played Mexico
yet. Hopefully we’ll find some folks to help us find some festivals or shows
there. This upcoming Summer Tour finds us playing some new cities and
countries; Poland, Hungary, Luxembourg,
Israel and Finland which
we’ve only played once. Thanks again to all of you for contributing your
support of the music and live shows.”


Live in Brussels:




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