The Awkward Hour with …the Vivian Girls

The Awkward Hour with the Vivian Girls/Pitchfork Festival 2009


Interview by Brian Staker


The Awkward Hour with Brian Staker,
featuring Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Thermals,
Jesus Lizard’s David Yow, and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips


Rockers say the darndest things, especially when they’re looking
into the lens of Brian Staker, host of the aptly-titled podcast “The
Awkward Hour,” in which Staker takes the often-spoofed (see Tim &
Eric, Bob Odenkirk) model of awkward, unprepared interviewers and well,
runs with it in the “be who you are” spirit. 

Earlier this
month, Blurt sent our schlubby bundle of nerves to the Pitchfork
Festival for special on-the-spot interviews where he cornered artists
for on-the-spot (and we do mean on-the-spot) interviews. Today we add
Vivian Girls and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart to the list of
victims, which includes The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow and The Thermals
(posted earlier this week) and, coming up, The Flaming Lips, Built To
Spill, and The Black Lips. 

If interviewing David Yow wasn’t
intimidating enough, putting Staker on the spot with attractive ladies
cranks the Awk up to eleven. Hit with ubiquitious queries like “How
would you describe your sound?” and likewise hackneyed references (My
Bloody Valentine), Vivian Girls respond monosyllabically (“cool” and
“nice”) after a charitable comment from Ali: “Someone said we sound
like the Zombies with bigger balls.” (To which, Staker replies with a
goofy Beavis and Butt-head guffaw.) His follow-up, the even more trite
question about the band’s moniker, gets a curt comeback from Cassie
Ramone (who spends part of the interview, plucking grass from the
lawn): “Because it was… the only name that wasn’t stupid.” It’s only
downhill from there, as the Girls entertain questions about the
Internet and whether they plan to put out more albums…

kicks of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart interview by tardily cutting
into the same leadoff question (“–describe your music?”) but gets
better results, especially when he infers a Teenage Fanclub influence
on the band. The success only lasts so long, ’cause his next question
is about playing a big festival on a big stage–not like they haven’t
heard that one all… festival… long. Then he asks, “Any other big
festivals coming up?” Here, talk turns to European fans and “Do they
know your music?” The reply? “Yeah, I think the Internet helps.” Ah,
the Internet. A series of tubes chock fulla boobs. Check out the (dare
we say pained) look on Kip Berman’s face when he finishes talking about

We’ll post the Lips (Black and Flaming) and Built to
Spill soon. Staker’s epic talk with Coyne should be something
special… it’s a two-parter.

Now let’s R-Awk!

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