Sleep in Prince’s Purple Rain Bed!


Er, you sure Rashid
ain’t gonna get sued by the most litigious musician in the universe?


By Blurt Staff


Awesome! We have been lookin to marry some of our spare form
and function this summer, and now we know exactly where to spend that stock
dividend cash that just rolled in.


First up is something vaguely geared to the 25th anniversary of Prince’s Purple Rain,
and while it looks NOTHING like a bed to us, more like a USB thumb drive after a growth spurt, we’ll still give it, um, a test
drive. Then there’s the so-called “comeback” of the futon (funny, we bought one
in 2003, but hey…), as well as a line of beds that celebrate Woodstock! Don’t forget to look under the
mattress where the designer has secreted, in 100 random beds, a stash of brown
acid! All the Baby Boomers on the BLURT staff are just itching to “stage a
come-back in the bedroom,” so read on…




Familiar moments for
many Baby Boomers are staging a comeback in the bedroom!!  Among the
highlights of the Baby Boomer bedroom are:


Purple Rain Bed
Noted designer Karim Rashid is celebrating the 25th anniversary of
the movie/soundtrack of many Boomer lives – Prince (the Artist)’s “Purple Rain.”  The new Glow Bed
from Hollandia International was the hit of this spring’s Salone Internazionale
del Mobile furniture show in Milan.
 Glow Bed marries form and function, enticing the imagination with clean
lines, creative materials and lots of high gloss. It also boasts Baby Boomer
must-haves like an iPod docking station, cabinet doors that swing out to create
side tables and hidden storage drawers.


Futons…are back!!  The popular all-functional futon of the
1970s has made a comeback.  Leading the return of the futon is Gold Bond, America’s
leading manufacturer and exporter of futons.  Just recently, futons have
gone completely organic and come in 350 fabrics and countless designs! 
And, in these challenging economic times, similar to the 1970s,
cost-conscious consumers are seeking value, quality and versatility.


Woodstock – Has it been 40 years already? 
A new line of Italian-made beds celebrates Flower Power, Peace, and Free Love,
uniting message, research, technology, and design.  The mattresses are set
to debut August 15, marking the moment when Richie Havens took the stage to
sing “High Flyin’ Bird.”





OMG, the last
part is brilliant. THE EXACT MOMENT? Why not the moment Pete Townshend smacked
Abbie Hoffman off the stage during the Who’s set? Or when Grace Slick gave the
crowd a peek at her tits? Or maybe even when that festival worker was cleaning
out the porta-johns? (Well, that part was in the movie at least…)


Hollandia International/Karim
Rashid are on the web….


“Purple Rain”




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