Shonen Knife Sharpens Its, Uh, Blade


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By Blurt Staff


The Knife is back. Everyone’s fave Nipponese-rockers is set
to drop a new album, Super Group, on
August 25 via Good Charamel Records. You know the back story – they formed in Osaka circa ’81, and then
somehow in the early ‘90s their naïf-pop, girl-group-goes-Ramones sound was
discovered by legions of American hipsters and before you know it they’d toured
with Nirvana and played Lollapalooza.


Since the
original member and bassist Atsuko moved to Los Angeles and left the band, Naoko and
Etsuko played with support bassists.  On the new album Super Group,
support bassist Ritsuko has joined the band as an official member.  Now
Shonen Knife has become a 3 piece band again and a super group was born.


In 2007, they
released an album fun! fun! fun! in Japan.  Since then, they’ve
spent very busy days playing lots of shows, they enjoyed a North American tour,
recorded a cover song for an AC/DC tribute album and played at many
international rock festivals.  In 2009 Shonen Knife signed a deal with
Good Charamel Records ( ) to release Super Group to the fans in North
America!  Tours of Europe, Australia
and North America will follow the release of
the new Super Group CD.



The concept of Super Group is to “go back to the starting point of
ROCK”, says the band.  All the lyrics on Super Group are
written in English.  The first song “Super Group” is very punk
pop like the Buzzcocks.  “Muddy Bubbles Hell” and “Pyramid
Power” taste like Heavy Metal.  “BBQ Party” starts with a
Jonathan Richman like intro and transforms into punk rock.  The harmony at
the last part of “Na Na Na” is very cute.  The last song is a
cover of Paul McCartney and the Wings song “Jet”, the Shonen Knife
version is very fun and very ROCK. The North American CD release of Super
features exclusive cover artwork and the bonus track, “Evil


“This album makes everybody happy,” we are
advised. We at BLURT are already happy just thinking about it.




01. Super Group
02. Slug
03. Muddy Bubbles Hell
04. Deer Biscuits
05. BBQ Party
06. Pyramid Power
07. Time Warp
08. Na Na Na
09. Your Guitar
10. Jet
11. Evil Birds (bonus track)




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