Retard Girl: Courtney Love Redux


Brave proponent of “illstick
with the rawk” just don’t get no respect, so no reason for us to alter that


By Fred Mills


It’s a warm, reliable world we live in when Courtney
Love-watching becomes a spectator sport once again. And La Love’s been pretty
visible, in her own always-lurking-on-the-perimeter-even-if-she’s-not-doing-jack
kinda way, of late.


First off, there was Love’s so-called video diary, posted to
last month, accompanied by a story that claimed Love was putting her
old band Hole back together – sans founding member and guitarist Eric Erlandson, replaced by somebody called Micko
Larkin, and including Hole bassist Melissa auf der Maur. The fact that most of
the proposed new album (originally slated to be a Love solo rec) was written
by, respectively, hack-for-hire Linda Perry and Billy Corgan, is ominous, but


Then came Erlandson firing back, via the blogs and the
saying, “There is no Hole without me,” and citing some unspecified
contractual reasons for his, er, reasoning.


Love responded via Twitter, typing (term used loosely), “he’s
out of his MIND, Hole is MY band, MY name, and MY Trademark”. Speaking of
Love’s Twitter habit, it’s pretty fascinating, in a “watch those cut monkeys
pick nits off one another” way. As “courtneylover79” Love is prone to going
days, sometimes even a week or more, at a time remaining silent, only to
surface some morning or middle-of-the-night firing off Tweets every 30 seconds.
This morning, for example, just in the past two hours prior to the writing of
this news item, Love Tweeted about 50 times, all in her inimitable, illiterate
fashion. Here are a few examples:



@diablocody knock it off i
do the same thing, blow in burbank..ahh
not me, i wouldnt know( teehee i know you ddidnt mean it!)


@diablocody you inspired me
to not be so avoident, dont get stuck in my past i have a 12 inch dick right
here it took a violently long while


Billy Joe was of the opinion i call you, ha ha, Bono was not, im jest
listening to diamond dogs and head like a HOLE. fragile@mr-reznor


i think illstick with the rawk and let the people who want to kiss ass
and not work hard and lig off the energy of cute youngirls to doso



Still, as evidenced by the writing of this very news item
and other web action, Love will always generate copy whether she’s actually
doing anything or not. To wit: an article at yesterday, “Lived Through
This – Hole’s 10 Finest Moments.”
Putting aside the notion of what “finest”
might actually connote, it’s a pretty interesting piece. Writes the NME’s Emily
Mckay, insightfully, of Love’s anti-charisma, “And every seething bit of hatred
that’s thrown her way only serves to strengthen Hole fans’ memories of an
explicity feminist iconography that clawed against the unspoken edict that
women, in conventional rock tropes, should not be obnoxious, messy, or real.”


Well, we’re of the opinion that “obnoxious” and “messy” is,
increasingly, obsolete in rock ‘n’ roll – it just gets in the way of taking
care of business and appreciating the artform. But in terms of a retrospective
look at one of those two terms’ poster child, we’ll give ‘em a “pass.” Check
out the NME piece, and dig all those video clips (one of them sampled, below).




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