Oh, Canaduh! Chromeo Does DJ-Kicks

But what the hell is
up with the Eagles?


By Fred Mills


Those ever-resourceful loonies of Chromeo have announced the
tracklist to their upcoming edition of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series (the first
in 2 years). A tribute to Canada
of sorts, the mix  includes many maple leaf underground classics and


Included are some unreleased versions (Chateau Marmont’s “Solar
Antapex” most notably) and of course the DJ- Kicks exclusive track, with Chromeo taking on The
Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why.” 


!K7 advises that the Eagles mix “is sure to be a floor-filling,
vocoding, suit-sweating good time,” but honestly, we can’t tell you why, as the thought of that simpy, fey Eagles
tracks and vocoders just makes our skin crawl. Seriously, someone put Tim Schmidt (and the rest of us) out of his misery. But hey, it’s Chromeo, and you
can follow that link and decide for yourself…


Eagles “I Can’t Tell You Why” live:





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