Mark Mulcahy Trib: Thom Yorke Sings


Check out Yorke’s version of the Miracle
Legion song at the link below. ML video at the bottom.


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our main feature today we talk about tribute albums and included a mention about
the upcoming Mark Mulcahy/Miracle Legion trib, Ciao My
Shining Star
: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy The latest news is that it’s due Sept. 29
from Shout! Factory and includes an all-star lineup that is guaranteed to make
it sidestep the “tributes suck, dude” syndrome. Dig it: Thom Yorke, Michael Stipe, Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev,
The National, Frank Black, Vic Chesnutt, Frank Turner, and Josh Rouse,
among others. (In addition, a further 20 tracks, from artists such as A.C. Newman, Buffalo Tom
and Laura Veirs, will be available digitally.)


Stereogum has an advance peek at
Yorke’s contribution, an absolutely jaw-dropping version of Miracle Legion’s “All
For the Best
,” which has long been one of BLURT’s fave ML tracks dating back to
when we used to see the band perform in the ‘80s.


Mark Mulcahy’s
wife, Melissa, died suddenly in September 2008, and proceeds from the
sale of the album will go to Mulcahy to help him continue his music career
while raising his 3-year-old twin daughters. To coincide with the release,
there will be two concert events, one in London and one in New York, details TBA.


Seriously, Miracle Legion was one of
the most riveting, passionate acts during the so-called “college rock” era, and
folks who own their records, all of them long out of print now, have been
diligently transferring them to CDR over the years and passing them around like
holy grails. And Mulcahy’s solo records are wondrous, joyful affairs, at turns
quirky and intense and luminous and hilarious. He’s a true American treasure. (If
you go to YouTube, you’ll actually find a lot of Mulcahy and ML content, though
a lot of it is strictly audio with static images, not full-fledged videos.) For
those not in the know, the backstory:


Mulcahy was the front man and main songwriter for alternative rock band Miracle Legion in the 1980s to
mid 1990s. Mulcahy also fronted Polaris, the house band for the mid
1990s alternative television series The Adventures of Pete & Pete
(1993-96) and perhaps best remembered for the song “Hey Sandy,” which was featured in the opening credits of the show.
Mulcahy has opened up for many notable artists, including Oasis and Jeff Buckley, and has received homage from Radiohead front man Thom Yorke, who dedicated a song to
Mulcahy at a show in Boston
. Nick Hornby wrote an essay on Mulcahy’s song
“Hey Self-Defeater” (from the album Fathering)
in his book 31 Songs.


Mulcahy released his latest album, In Pursuit Of Your Happiness, in 2005, to critical praise: 
The Sun called it “majestic,
mind-blowing, quite marvellous-your happiness is assured if you purchase this
record.” “Terrific,” said The Guardian.
“His third solo album opens wounds and plays with the patterns as the blood
runs free.” The Daily Telegraph
said, “The songs are intimate, intelligent, wise and melodic. But the really
special thing is his voice: such range, such texture, such honesty-it’s gorgeous.”




 01 Thom Yorke –
“All For The Best”
02 The National – “Ashamed Of The Story I Told”
03 Michael Stipe – “Everything’s Coming Undone”
04 David Berkeley – “Loves The Only Thing That Shuts Me Up”
05 Dinosaur Jr. – “The Backyard”
06 Chris Harford & Mr Ray Neal – “Micon The Icon”
07 Frank Black – “Bill Jocko”
08 Vic Chesnutt – “Little Man”
09 Unbelievable Truth – “Ciao My Shining Star”
10 Butterflies Of Love – “I Have Patience”
11 Chris Collingwood (Fountains Of Wayne) – “Cookie Jar”
12 Frank Turner – “The Quiet One”
13 Rocket From The Tombs – “In Pursuit Of Your Happiness”
14 Ben Kweller – “Wake Up Whispering”
15 Josh Rouse – “I Woke Up In The Mayflower”
16 Autumn Defense – “Paradise”
17 Hayden -“Happy Birthday Yesterday”
18 Juliana Hatfield – “We’re Not In Charleston Anymore”
19 Mercury Rev – “Sailors And Animals”
20 Elvis Perkins – “She Watches Over Me”
21 Sean Watkins – “A World Away From This One”


Miracle Legion – “You’re the One Lee”




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