M83-Security Staff Incident: Big Whoop


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By Fred Mills


See that bouncing ball, above? If you follow it closely, it’ll
lead you to the latest load of bullshit coming down the media pipeline. Seems
the blogosphere is still all in a dither over that July 18 incident in Columbus at the Wexner
Center for the Arts when
Anthony Gonzalez, frontman for M83, “kicked and slapped” a member of the venue’s
security staff. The band’s keyboardist had essentially invited the audience to
invade the stage as the concert neared its end, but after security began
removing fans from the stage, in some instances pushing them off, vocalist Gonzalez
took exception, told the fans to come back up, and then went ballistic on


You can view the YouTube clip of the incident, below.


Now, as anyone who’s ever attended a concert can attest, venue
security often has a tendency to err on the side of, ahem, overreaction, and as there is typically a certain
steroidally-inclined mindset attracted to the concert security business anyway,
when you have a stage invasion, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. 9 times out
of 10, fans who jump up on stage at the behest of the band simply do so, dance
around awhile, and in the process respect the wishes (and the property) of the
band; if you’ve gone to a Girl Talk show, for example, you know what I mean. Unfortunately
security goons tend to think that every time is going to be that 10th time when something goes wrong… and respond accordingly, cracking heads and


So Gonzalez was well within his rights to respond to the
security personnel’s physicality with his own display of physical aggression.
Eye for an eye, and all that crap.


Apparently Gonzalez’ handlers have convinced him otherwise,
as earlier today he was pressured into issuing a statement via his MySpace blog apologizing for his behavior:


“I’ve been thinking
about the events that happened at the end of show in Columbus last Saturday. Time and distance has
given me the space to realize that my actions were clearly inappropriate. I
wish to emphasise that inviting the crowd on stage was in no way calculated but
simply a result of being caught up in the intensity of the moment and
essentially celebrating what I believe had been a very positive and enjoyable
performance for both the band and the audience. In retrospect though I
understand why such actions were not the wisest and why the staff at the venue
had requested me not to encourage the audience on stage. I sincerely apologize
for the way I handled the situation, and in particular for trying to physically
interfere with security staff at the venue who I fully accept were only trying
to do their job of ensuring proper protection for both the band and members of
the audience.

“My reactions in the heat of the moment have caused me much regret and once
again I offer my sincere apologies to all persons concerned with the show and
at the venue. I feel that it is important to issue a public apology as I do not
wish my actions to be perceived as in any way as condoning or encouraging
aggressive behaviour.”


WTF?!? “Caught up in the intensity of the moment”? What kind
of cop-out is that? Aw fuck you, you pussy. Take your band of clowns and go
back to France.
Here, have a plate of freedom fries to help you on your way.


All this would be far more interesting if M83 were actually
a band anyone cares about. But the brand of fey, tepid synthpop it plays is
about as cutting edge as mid-period Yes – and with none of the balls.


Arghhhh…. where’s Limp Bizkit when we need them!?! Plus,
Durst & Co. would really show security
what being kicked and slapped feels like!


This editorial comes to you from the public service
announcement… with guitars department. Have a nice weekend, everyone. Don’t
forget to taunt a security staffer or two when you hit the clubs tonight…




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