Living Things As Ramones 4 Runaways Pic


Joey Ramone, like
Elvis, is still everywhere.


By Fred Mills


You’ve heard that they’re filming a biopic of The Runaways,
right? Directed by Italian photographer and videographer Floria Sigismondi
(who?), it stars Kristen Steward and Dakota Fanning as Joan Jett and Cherie
Currie plus a buncha actors and actresses nobody’s ever heard of – although the
preliminary IMDB entry
for it also lists Tatum O’Neal as Marie Harmon (!), so
we’ll see…


At any rate, word arrives that St. Louis-based Living Things portray the Ramones!


In the scene,
which is shooting this month, the Ramones are playing at Rodney Bingenheimer’s
notorious English Disco nightclub in Los
Angeles circa 1975. Living Things have already
recorded a cover of “We’re A Happy
Family” for the scene. 


Er, well, the band looks nothing like the Ramones of course.
Or do they? You decide – comparing the photo above with the Marc Bell-era band
pic here, well, there are some comparisons to be made. Not the Tommy Ramone era
lineup, however, which would b the 1975 time frame. But we’ll allow they do
deliver the garage punk goods, so full speed ahead.




 “I love Joey Ramone,” said vocalist Lillian Berlin. “He is like the
Elvis of punk. It’s a mystical, exotic vacation to step into his shoes for a


Fun fact: the band’s handlers advise us that “In addition to having a useful
resemblance in attitude” – note they
are waffling on the physical resemblance thing too – “to the punk progenitors,
the band has a direct line into the production – Berlin is the husband of the film’s writer and director Floria Sigismondi.”


Ah. That explains it, then. All together now, kids: Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!


 UPDATE: Blurt’s very own Professor Jud Cost writes in to clarify some erroneous information contained above – which, we should add, came directly from the Living Things’ handlers, so clearly the band, the filmmakers and everyone else involved needs to spiff up on their Ramones history.

Observes Cost, “Having them playing Rodney’s English Disco [in 1975 is factually inaccurate].  I guarantee they
didn’t come west for their first gigs until the summer of ’76. I know because I
was there (not at their LA debut, but at the show in San Fran the next week, at
a tiny little joint called the Savoy Tivoli}. Dunno if this is a fact-checking
problem with the boneheads doing this misinformed film, but the boys
were still getting a toehold at Max’s and CBGS’s in ’75. Since you can’t ask
Joey, Johnny or Dee Dee, I’ll have to do as your next best source.”



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