Kiss Kiss Contest at Blurt: Free Swag!


Register by July 25 to
win autographed LPs and hand-drawn band art.


By Blurt Staff


If you head over to the BLURT contest kiosk between now and
July 25 you can sign up for a shot at winning an autographed copy of NYC’s schizophrenic
avant-popsters Kiss Kiss just-released sophomore platter The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left. Featuring sweeping synths and
violin abetted by huge crashing guitar chords and an operatic, Queen-worthy
vocal attack, Kiss Kiss is already getting rave reviews for the Dan Goodwin
(Norah Jones, Murder by Death) -produced album.


As one writer put it, “It would take pages to explain their
now signature sound to you, but I’ll paraphrase by saying: expansive. What may
at first appear as an evolved rock act, transforms into a demonic circus in one
minute and to a full blown piano based epic in the next.”


So you’d be a chump not to jump on board while the band is
still young so you later say you knew ‘em way back when. Kiss Kiss, who can be
found at, is:


Josh – Synths, Guitar, Vocals
Rebecca – Violin, Vocals
Mike – Guitar, Synths, Vocals
Patrick – Bass, Vocals
Jared – Drums, Percussion


In addition to giving away five copies of the album, we also
have ten hand-drawn cartoons (like the one shown here) by members of the group
that are also up for grabs. While you’re signing up for the contest drawing,
you can also download a free MP3 of their single “Innocent I (The Corruption Of
Self Through The Introduction Of Naturally Existing Self Producing Chemicals)” –
whew, that title will give your iPod display screen a workout!



[Photo credit: Jessica Dalene]




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