King Khan & BBQ Show Have An Ad For YOU


Operators are standing
by to take your calls…


By Fred Mills


Now here’s a good way to start your weekend. Surf on over to
the MySpace page of death metal/progressive house/Christian rap group King Khan
& BBQ Show (aka King Khan and Mark Sultan) and check out their 7-minute “KKBBQ
Infomercial” they just posted to the music player. In it, they talk about their
forthcoming album Invisible Girl
or, more accurately, they put on an extended skit, including music, guaranteed to
thrill, annoy and otherwise leave you in various stages of befuddlement.
(Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.)


Recorded in Brooklyn and Berlin (where Khan lives), Invisible Girl is due Nov. 3 on In The
Red and it’s the followup to 2006’s What’s
For Dinner.
Punk, garage, soul, ‘50s pop, psych, glam and just plain trash
is all fair game in the dynamic duo’s hands. We saw ‘em kicking it out at SXSW
this past March in Austin
and our ears are still ringing.


Seriously, go listen to that infomercial, now. Interestingly,
it’s not the first time they’ve made one of these: scroll down to the end of
the music player’s tracks and you can check out an earlier commercial.


This all comes on the heels of the recent news about the duo’s pairing with the Black Lips to form garage supergroup the Almighty Defenders.


Meanwhile, you can read about King Khan’s other project, King
Khan & his Shrines, in the most recent issue of BLURT. You’ll be glad you





1 Anala
2 Invisible Girl
3 I’ll Be Loving You
4 Animal Party
5 Spin the Bottle
6 Third Ave
7 Tastebuds
8 Truth or Dare
9 Crystal Ball
10 Lonely Boy
11 Tryin’
12 Do the Chop



King Khan & BBQ Show “Fish Fight”:




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