Kaki King w/Art Project & Auction


August 7
show will involve artists and fans and raise money for Save The Music at the
same time.


By Blurt Staff


Guitar whiz Kaki King has announced The Exhibition, an art
project that involves 16 artists and random King fans taking an actual guitar
and creating original visual pieces inspired by one of her songs. The project,
which began this past spring, culminates on August 7th at Littlefield Gallery
in Brooklyn, NY, at 7pm. The gallery is located at 622 Degraw Street
between 3rd and 4th Avenues in the Gowanus/Park Slope neighborhood.

from the idea of using paint to visually represent the wide range of movement
of King’s virtuosic guitar playing, The Exhibition has now grown to
involve much more than just paint. Each artist/fan was given the blank canvas
of a guitar to shape, break, build, and form around the theme of a King song of
their choice.  Hailing from all corners of the United States, each artist has
taken his or her guitar in wildly different directions that range from ant
farms, to delicate etchings and even to creating an explosion! Many are also
incorporating Kaki’s hand movement into their design. One can follow their
progress on the project’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/KakiKingTheExhibition).

gallery show will be a display of all the guitars and will include a unique
performance by King herself.  She will take her iconic blue guitar, seen
most prominently in the video for the song “Playing With Pink Noise,”
and will do a performance of the song with pink paint on her hands and fingertips.
This is already an incredibly valuable guitar, and it will be auctioned off to
benefit VH1’s Save the Music, a charity dedicated to keeping music in schools
so new generations of musicians will continue to be born.  In addition,
all of the guitar works will be for sale at a price set by each artist.

entire show will be documented by a photographer for posterity so people can
get to experience the event online if they can’t make it to the gallery. King’s
performance will take place approximately two hours after the opening of the




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