Jesus Christ, the New Christs are Back!

First studio album in
over five years en route… can we pray for a tour?


By Fred Mills


Among Australian rock aficionados, the name New Christs is
always reason for dropping upon one’s knees to genuflect: the band, headed up
by vocalist Rob Younger – ex-Radio Birman, of course and bassist Jim Dickson,
were a mainstay of the Oz scene throughout the ‘80s, issuing a slew of classic
singles along with their debut album Distemper.


And though the band had its hiatus periods, it never really
went away even though members had various other projects they undertook,
periodically resurfacing and reaffirming what fans knew all along: there’s
rarely been a more powerful, gut-level punk/hard rock act to emerge from the
country, and Younger in particular remains a charismatic, at time chillingly
potent frontman.


So the good folks at Impedance and MVD
Audio are set to release the band’s latest, Gloria,
the first New Christs studio set in over five years. It’s due August 11. There
have been a lot of lineup changes since the ‘80s, but for now the Christs seem
to have settled in since 2006 with a stable roster: Younger (vocals), Dickson (bass), Stuart Wilson (drums), Dave Kettley (guitar) and Brent
(guitar and keyboard).


No immediate plans are for the band to tour
the US
but a European tour is a given as the band has always done well over there. When
I interviewed Younger a few years ago, he admitted that cracking the US market had
been tough because it was so expensive for an Australian band to come to
American and tour. And with the decline of college radio’s influence over here
in the aftermath of the alternative explosion of the early ‘90s, it had become even
tougher to get a foothold.


Which means you, dear Blurt readers and New
Christs fans alike, have a clear mission: buy the damn album and create a
market for ‘em. Tell ‘em Uncle Freddie sent ya. Have a good weekend, Ozzers.


Check ‘m out on the web for updates and song samples:


“Born Out Of Time” in Rome 2008:





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