Hear New Avett Bros. A Week Early


I And Love And You drops
Sept. 29; NPR plays it a week early.

By Blurt Staff


Wanna hear the Avett Brothers’ new album I And Love And You early without giving
into Satan and just downloading it? Or at least look like you’re doing the right thing? Tune into NPR (more
specifically, click on www.npr.org/firstlisten)
on Sept. 22 and they’ll play the whole damn thing for you. Or if you’re into
teasin’ yourself, sit on your hands ‘til Sept. 29, then get on down to
participating Starbucks locations in the U.S. and Canada and get two fixes at


Now, this ain’t no Starbucks exclusive; it’s just funny that
this is the first retail location mentioned in the press release. Didja ever
think you’d be nostalgic for a time when new albums were available in record stores?




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