GWAR Returns!


GWAR Returns!


Jaws O’ Death, Oderus
Urungus, Flattus Maximus, Beefcake the Mighty and Jizmak Da Gusher do the, uh,
GWAR thing once again.


By Blurt Staff


You’ve all been keeping up with GWAR, right? You know that
vocalist Oderus Urungus was recently named “Official Interplanetary
Correspondent”  for Fox News’ “Red Eye”
show, right? (Go HERE, for video proof…) And you’re bound to know that the band
has a new album due August 19, and even better, that they’re back on their old
label Metal Blade.


Titled Lust in Space, the
group is previewing the song “Let Us Slay” at their MySpace page: .


According to Mr. Urungus, “This song deals with the
human race’s lust for blood, all the while maintaining the lie of ‘Thou shalt
not kill’…It calls upon the humans to embrace their love of death (and
therefore GWAR), shed their
hypocritical trappings, and proceed with the apocalypse. It’s going to happen
anyway, so they might as well enjoy it!”


Well, all right then! Meanwhile, watch for the winter issue
of BLURT when we run an excerpt from the recent book Kill The Music – it’s a first-hand account of the September 1990
GWAR obscenity bust as seen through the eyes of the club owner who booked the
show (and who subsequently had his club shut down by the powers that be).





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