Fun With Psychics!


We predict that you will fall asleep
before reading this news item..


By Blurt Staff


Here at BLURT we get a lot of pitches from record industry folks –
maybe something like 300 emails come in each day (not all of them come from
needy, neurotic BLURT writers, in other words, if you catch our drift).
However, we think this is the first time we’ve ever gotten a pitch
from a publicist about a psychic. We
can’t decide if the email copied below is beyond the pale, or simply reason to
crack open our sixth pale ale of the day….


Our question is: did the folks sending us the pitch know beforehand what we
were gonna do with it? They’re supposed to be plugged in with a psychic, after
all. Wouldn’t you hold off on pressing that “send” button if you already knew
you would be publicly mocked?


BLURT: still dismissing silly p.r. pitches, one email at a time…




Dear Blurt,


Psychics are often consulted for advice on relationships and
careers. With the help of tarot cards, palm readings and extra-sensory
perception, many people believe these gifted individuals can tell them about
their future spouse or upcoming promotion. These powers are greatly
underestimated as there are many other topics into which psychics can provide
insight. In fact, here are 5 things you’d never think a psychic could predict:


*     Medical diagnosis An alternative second

*     Appropriate timing Understanding the effects
of WHEN an event occurs

*     Potential investments Looking at the pros and
cons of stocks, real estate, etc.

*     Personal safety   How future events can impact your life

*     Family issues Predicting the outcome of
family illness, feuds, & future opportunities



Sherry Ward consulted a group of psychic individuals when
doctors recommended radical surgery for a potentially malignant mass in her
kidney. Each believed the mass to be benign and further medical testing showed
it was. Ward documents her journey and shares the special skills of seven
masters of the metaphysics in her new book, Seekers of the Soul.



Please contact me to request a review copy or to schedule an
interview with Sherry Ward. Further press materials below.



(name withheld to protect
the guilty)



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