Billy Lee Riley Needs Your Help!


Legendary Sun Records mainstay battling bone
cancer; bills sucking the well dry. Now it’s your turn to help out, rock fans.


Blurt Staff


Lee Riley may not be a familiar name to all you hoodie/backpack-rockin’
hipsters out there – his Memphis-style rockabilly and Sun Records oeuvre is
about as far removed from the desolate shores of Brooklyn as it comes – but
listen up, punks: with classic ‘50s sides like “Red Hot” and “Flyin’ Saucers
Rock and Roll” in the man’s back catalog, it’s safe to say that ROCK AS WE KNOW
IT would be a wildly different beast had Ma and Pa Riley never hunched out
their sweet little Billy.


won’t belabor the point: just read the man’s damn Wikipedia entry if you need
to be brought up to speed.


since you all owe a huge debt to the man, why not consider repaying it in some
small fashion? Riley is now in very bad need of help, we are advised, as this
following post on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website outlines:



Billy has had his share of health problems, and
is now battling Stage FOUR bone cancer. Although MusiCares is helping with
house payment, car and such, he and [wife] Joyce are totally out of money and
can barely afford to eat.


This is a CALL FOR HELP to all musicians and
fans. Please remember, twenty bucks from all of us would make a HUGE difference
in Billy’s life! What if this was you?


Let’s all get together and send something
today to Billy and Joyce and show them that he means a lot to us.


If you have a website, a Facebook or MySpace,
please post this need for help on it! We can’t save the world, but it will mean
a lot in Billy Lee’s life!


His Address is:


Billy Lee Riley

Crest Drive

Jonesboro, Arkansas



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