Unseen Beatles On New Doc


Contains the earliest known
footage of the Beatles from Feb ’62 – home movies, personal photographs,
private memorabilia and recently discovered film.


By Blurt Staff


Rare And Unseen is
an all new documentary DVD tells the true story of The Beatles from humble
beginnings in Liverpool, to the break-up of
the biggest band in the world. Their story is told for the very first time
using original rare film and video of the band, including home-movies, concert
footage, newsreels and photographs from private collections. Obviously not
authorized by Apple or the surviving band members – the DVD’s subtitle is Unofficial Account Of The
Biggest Band In The World
– it’s still guaranteed
to cause a stir in the cliquish, territorial world of Beatles collectors. The
Wienerworld label will be issuing it on August 11 via MVD Video.



Included are  interviews with those who surrounded the band,
and those who were there from the very start. Also included is an exclusive
interview with Phil Collins, and say what you will about the Philster, he’s
long been known as one of the world’s biggest Beatles vans. According to the
label, “This documentary is an honest account of what really happened. For the
first time we can see The Beatles relaxed, at play, on and off stage, on film,
and is a rare glimpse inside the lives of the most famous band in the world.”


With additional contributions from: Phil Collins, Steve
Harley, Norman Hurricane Smith Colin Hanton (their first drummer) Sam Leach
(tour manager) Tony Barrow (press officer 1962-1968), Tony Bramwell (friend and
roadie), Ken Dodd, Tony Booth, Gerry Marsden, Len Goodman Sylvie Varten.



    * Earliest known footage of the Beatles on stage in Liverpool February 1962.
    * Only existing film on tour in Scotland
– Caird Hall, Dundee October 1964.
    * Bahamas,
February 1965 during the filming of Help!
    * September 1967 in Newquay whilst filming Magical Mystery
    * Home movie footage from Paris Olympia Theatre Januar y1964
    * Highlights of interview with John Lennon recorded in New York for French TV.


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