Sting Does Deutsche Grammophon!


Ov the paradox of
light at the heart of the darkness, from the King of Pain himself…


By Blurt Staff


Wow… some press releases that get slipped over the BLURT
transom are just so irresistible, in a shooting-ducks-in-a-barrel sense, that
they send collective shivers of delight through we staffers. Suffice to say, on
a day when neither Courtney Love nor Trent Reznor appears to be having a
meltdown of any sort, it’s wonderful to be able to share this with you, gentle
BLURT readers….





This fall, Sting will release a new album dedicated to his
favorite season – Winter – a season which has inspired countless songwriters
over the centuries and produced a wealth of music exploring all of its many
guises. “If On a Winter’s
presents an arc of songs that conjures the season of
spirits, resulting in a haunting, spiritual and reflective musical


The album arrives October 27 from classical label Deutsche


“The theme of winter
is rich in inspiration and material,” comments Sting; “by filtering all of
these disparate styles into one album I hope we have created something
refreshing and new.”  He continues, “Our
ancestors celebrated the paradox of light at the heart of the darkness, and the
consequent miracle of rebirth and the regeneration of the seasons.”  


In collaboration with esteemed producer and arranger, Robert
Sadin, “If On a Winter’s Night…
features traditional music of the British
Isles as its starting point. Sting and guest musicians
interpret a stirring collection of songs, carols, and lullabies including The Snow it Melts the Soonest (traditional Newcastle
ballad),  A Soalin’ (traditional English “begging” song) Gabriel’s Message (14th century carol), Balulalow (lullaby by Peter Warlock) and
Now Winter Comes Slowly (Henry


Two of Sting’s own compositions are also featured on the
album, Lullaby for an Anxious Child  and The
Hounds of Winter,
which originally appeared on his previous release Mercury Falling,  alongside Hurdy
Gurdy Man
, – a musical reworking and English translation (by Sting) of Der
Leiermann from Schubert’s classic winter song-cycle Winterreise.


For this exploration of the themes and emotions of Winter,
Sting is joined by friend and long time colleague, guitarist Dominic Miller.
Additional guests include an ensemble of three remarkable musicians from
Northern England and Scotland: Kathryn Tickell (fiddle and Northumbrian pipes)
Julian Sutton (melodeon) and Mary MacMaster
(metal string Scottish harp), along with Daniel Hope (violin), Vincent Ségal
(cello), Chris Botti and Ibrahim Maalouf, (trumpet), Cyro Baptista and Bijan
Chemirani (percussion), the Webb Sisters (vocals) and Stile Antico (vocal





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