Screw John Mayer, Here’s Cetan Clawson


The new guitar whiz
just came to town, pardnuh. Check the video clips below for proof.


By Blurt Staff


better time for the return of the guitar god? No, we don’t mean pussyhounds ‘n’
wannabes like John Mayer – we’re talking Clapton, Hendrix, Blackmore, Iommi,
Beck, Page, Roy Buchanan, Alvin Lee, Pete Townshend… should we go on? Okay
kids, here’s your new BFGP (Best Friend Guitar Player): Detroit’s Cetan Clawson.


Clawson has rock star in his DNA and it
shines through in his playing and his individual style. He is a perfect storm
of mind-boggling musical technique, jaw dropping stage presence and a sartorial
flair that rivals that of Prince in his prime. He classifies his style in a way
similar to the video game that has kidnapped pop culture’s often-fickle
attention and places himself within a similar -but not the same- context. “Guitar Hero has combined an
older mix of songs with a new way of presenting them,” he theorizes. “They are
taking classic rock and putting it in a format that newer kids can understand.
That what blues guys do: take old things and make them fresh. They make it new,
not better, but in an original way.”


kids everywhere rediscover actual playing in both games and on YouTube, and
punk stagnates in a morass of mascara and morality, Clawson doesn’t just commit
heresy by playing leads; he plays them behind his head, behind his back,
left-handed, right-handed, one handed and even with his teeth, boasting a style
that can’t be matched by guitarist nor gamer. “I have one small chip from a
slight mishap before I practiced it a lot,” he says with a laugh. “It takes a
great deal of skill.” Clawson
himself admits that while the game exposes “the kids” to the artistry of the
guitar, he thinks that hours spent playing the game would be better as hours
spent playing the actual instrument.


, Clawson’s
debut album hits stores tomorrow; so he celebrated the national release of the
album by recording two new songs with a musical hero in that hotbed of the
blues, Austin, Texas. Growing up, Clawson
idolized the great Stevie Ray Vaughan and his killer backing band, Double
Trouble. Last week drummer Chris Layton produced and played on two new songs
with Cetan and bassist Scott Nelson, well known for his work with Kenny Wayne
Shepherd. Layton
took a break from his packed schedule with the Arc Angels to do sessions with
Cetan and Nelson at Wire Studios (owned by well-known engineer and producer
Stuart Sullivan). Two songs, “Everyday Blues” and “I Wanna Try” were finalized
on June 25th and 26th. Layton is famous for his work with Stevie Ray
Vaughan, Arc Angels (with Charlie Sexton and Doyle Bramhall,Jr), Storyville,
Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Buddy Guy. Watch for those to appear soon. Meanwhile,
tell John Mayer to take a hike, courtesy BLURT, if you run into him.


Clawson playing “Star Spangled Banner”
with his teeth, followed by a live clip:




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