Pete Doherty Fucks Up Yet Again


Rocker discovered “slumped
in a toilet” on an airplane.


By Fred Mills



The British media is reporting that Pete Doherty is back up
to his old tricks, i.e., making tabloid headlines for his drug misadventures.
Apparently he arrested in Switzerland
on Friday after being found slumped in a toilet on board a British Airways
flight to Geneva.
He was scheduled to perform that evening at the Neuchatel Open Air festival.


According to the Sunday
Doherty was “escorted back to his economy class seat apparently
intoxicated” and a crew member found a hypodermic needle in the toilet
compartment. A passenger on the flight was quoted as saying, “A few people on
the plane recognised Pete and he went to the bathroom more than halfway into
the flight. He had been in there for about 25 minutes when the announcement
came over the tannoy for the crew to prepare the flight for landing. The crew
knocked on the door but Pete didn’t come out. They eventually managed to get in
10 minutes before the plane landed. Pete was taken back to his seat and he
looked completely out of it. One of the crew took a needle out of the toilet
wrapped in a tissue.”


Doherty was arrested by Geneva police, fined, then released in time
for his appearance at the music festival. He is presumably back in London now, planning for
the next round of interviews in which he tells the British press he’s clean and
sober and working on his next record, blah blah blah….



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