Os Mutantes Prepping LP for Anti-


First new studio album
in 35 years.


By Blurt Staff


Okay, Tropicalia fans and psychedelia heads, this is cool:
According to Pitchfork, the legendary Os Mutantes will be issuing their first new
studio album in 35 years – on the Anti- label, no less. If being on the same
roster as Tom Waits, Neko Case, Nick Cave and Bettye LaVette sounds cool to
you, throw your arms in the air and shout “Oh yeah!”


(Speaking of LaVette, we have a review of her new iTunes
digital EP set to run on the site this week…)


The album, titled Haih, drops September 8, and it reportedly finds main Mutantes man Sergio Dias
collaborating with Tom Ze and Jorge Ben. More details as we get ‘em. Meanwhile,
pull out that live Mutantes ao Vivo album that Luaka Bop issued in 2007 and start those anticipation engines



Os Mutantes Documentary trailer:




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