Now THAT Was a Cheap Trick!


Sorry, couldn’t resist
with that headline…



By Fred Mills


In our news item last week about Cheap Trick’s forthcoming
new album The Latest, we also
included some tantalizing details about a live recording also en route from the
band that would document their 2007 Hollywood Bowl performance of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s. Apparently the initial
info as published at turned out to be incorrect, and Cheap Trick
has issued a statement to that effect. Read the entire statement below.


Sorry fans. Yeah, we’re kinda down about it too. But hey,
what about that friggin’ 8-Track version
of the new rec! Ka-chunk!




Statement from Cheap

A news report regarding a pending Cheap Trick Sgt. Pepper Hollywood Bowl
DVD/CD was initially posted at and subsequently removed because
that information is incorrect.  The possibility of recording at the Hollywood Bowl in 2007 and also 2008 was fully explored
at the time but unfortunately the expense of recording at that venue proved to
be too cost prohibitive.  We apologize for any subsequent erroneous
reports that might have been picked up on other news wires.  


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