New Music Wednesday @ Blurt!

Wiretree, The Clean,
James Blackshaw, Silent Years, the Gossip.


By Blurt Staff


It’s officially New Music Tuesday at BLURT, which means,
quite logically, you can hear some new music today (Tuesday, duh) at BLURT.


What, pray tell, is the new music in question? Glad you
asked! Glom onto these ace MP3s:



Wiretree – Big Coat
(off Bouldin, Cobaltworks Records)

– In the Dreamlife you need a
Rubber Soul. (off Mr. Pop, Merge

– The Cross (off The Glass Bead Game, Young God Records)

Silent Years
– Madame Shocking (off
Let Go, Sidecho Records)

Gossip – Heavy Cross (off Music for Men, Columbia Records)



Just click on the BLURT Radio icon on the right-hand side of
our homepage and wait for the music player to pop up in a separate window. Then
enjoy some fine listening!


And check back every week, same BLURT-time, same
BLURT-channel, to hear the latest streaming goodies, all personally netted,
vetted and hand-selected by our trained staff of highly evolved primates. Why?
Because at BLURT, we care.







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