In which our heroine goes through the looking glass…





On New Year’s Day, I said to Jem
“I won’t get out of bed,
Unless you find a video,
a story I once read.
Animated, and with sound,
specific length of time.”
For I could not be bothered
To rise without this rhyme.
(Poni would not wake off the floor,
common from time to time)

The Walrus and the

was what I did require
as staying in my bed all day
was then my chief desire.

“What is it called?” asked Jem, annoyed,
and eager for his lunch.
“As for the lines of this fair tale,” said I
“There are a bunch.”
“Silence, get up, you drunk!” Jem cried,
Unwilling to play games
But there I lay undaunted
And offered him two names

“Cabbages and kings!” I called
“See now what you can find!
Neither pics nor text will do!”
(I’d had the film in mind)

Resourceful Jem (what’s wrong with him?)
Immediately found
A clip from Disney’s Alice
(In Wonderland – with sound)
My hopes of lying in all day
All dashed to the ground dead
When Jem cued up the video
And placed it on the bed

The Walrus and the Carpenter
Were walking down the beach
The very clip I had demanded,
there, within my reach

Jem’s end of the deal was now done
I had no choice at all
I had to get up and get dressed
Shirt and shoes and shawl
“The time has come,” the Coco said,
“To talk of other things.
Of ibuprofen, Diet Coke,
dark sunglasses and swings!”

And while the sea was boiling hot
(and whether I had wings)
Caloo, calay, hangover day!
Of cabbages and kings!
(Or eggs and toasts and sausages,
of grits and onion rings)

It would carry off objects of which it grew fond, and protect them by dropping
them into the pond,






Blurt “co-co-editor”
Coco Hames fronts The Ettes – Hames on guitar, Jem Cohen on bass and Poni
Silver on drums – whose latest album
Look At Life Again Soon (Take Root) is still a hot item, and they also have a
new EP,
Danger Is, released by Take
Root on April 7 and also available digitally,
www.myspace.com/theettes), and a Dan Auerbach-produced limited-edition
single. They are currently ruminating upon their next full-length, but
meanwhile, overseas fans can spot ‘em right now on their European tour – dates
at the MySpace page.



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