It’s Official! New Order Das Kaput!


Band puts together new
project that doesn’t involve memoir-penning tell-all bassist.


By Blurt Staff



So it’s been two years since those New Order breakup rumors
started, rumors fueled primarily by the fact that one of the founding members,
bassist Peter Hook, said the band had broken up. Well, three of the other N.O.
members are finally getting around to confirming the news: today in an
published by the BBC, guitarist/vocalist Bernard Sumner, drummer
Stephen Morris and guitarist Phil Cunningham announced that they’ve recorded an
album, sans Hook, featuring Blur’s
Alex James taking Hooky’s place and also pitching in on guitar.


They’re calling the project, rather unimaginatively, Bad
Lieutenant, and the as-yet-untitled album is due in October. Other unspecified
musicians will also be in the band and touring will commence later this year.


Sumner told the BBC, “I’m very proud of it, it’s a very
good album. It’s pretty guitary too because we’ve got three guitarists in the


He was cryptic, however, about the split, saying tersely, “We
split into two factions, there’s me Steve and Phil. The other is Peter Hook. Basically
he left the band, that’s all I want to say about it.”


Meanwhile, if you want a hilarious read, check out this Pitchfork article about Hook’s upcoming
memoir in which he dishes, sometimes perhaps too explicitly, about all the
misadventures he’s had and misanthropes he’s encountered over the course of his
three decades-plus career. Titled Hacienda:
How Not to Run a Club
, it’s theoretically due in October from Simon &
Schuster, but as you’ll see, the potentially libelous nature of some of its
content may derail the whole project.


Here’s our favorite bit:


74 Might not MXXX XXXXX object to this? I
appreciate the author says he is great friends with XX, but on the other hand
he does call him an obnoxious bastard! He knows XX whereas I do not. From a
legal point of view, it is defamatory to repeat a story that he breakfasted on
speed when it is admitted that it is not in fact true, or at any rate, that XX
denies it. He might laugh this off but what if he does not? Did he regularly
take speed? I appreciate this may seem a little pompous and unworldly to the
author, but I am seeing people from the point of view of them being potential complainants
and I know nothing about their background. What I can tell the author is that
if they do complain and do not find the joke funny, we have a distinct problem.





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