In Short June 2009

As always, taking our cue from Seth Godin… the idea being that what unites us is more than music, an axiology that extends from the music to our music-lover lifestyles: how we vote, what we drive, what we eat, what we wear, etc. The point is, we’re a tribe connected by a vibe… hence, this month’s compendium:

1. Good Pairings

Simply put:


… and my guess is, many of you do as well. Which is why we are implementing something new on The Daily Dose starting next month. A wine and cheese pick each day to go with each pair of songs, stemming from our idea of making music tactile again. Spearheading the tasty tastemaking will be Chris Stamey bassist and Whole Foods specialty cheese buyer/wine expert John Chumbris. Cheers!

2. Good Filters


Naturally, that’s in part what we aim to be with The Daily Dose. A trusted resource to cut through the noise for you. SmartBrief on Social Media has the same goal (they make my life easier every single day) and were nice enough to publish our piece on the value of emotional value last week. Invaluable exposure. Thanks Smarties! []

A Triple-A radio programming veteran, Kate has served as Music Director of the Loft at XM, Midday Host at WYEP, Evening Host at both WNCS and WUIN, as well as Content Supervisor for Pump Audio. Currently, she’s the CEO of Outlandos Music, a new-music discovery service for grown-ups. Kate has been nationally recognized for her ardent presentation of music and her ability to champion talented, compelling artists.

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