I'm Broke. But Here's $100 Anyway.

Every year I give my public radio station $100. It’s not much but essentially, they guilt me into it. But what’s more, I get something in exchange. Yes, there’s the programming. But that’s not the only reason why I give them money that, to be honest, as a fledgling entrepreneur, I frankly just don’t have. One fund drive a year, early in the summer, they ply me with an incentive I can’t refuse: two tickets to any Philadelphia Orchestra concert I choose at SPAC (my favorite venue in the world). What’s more is you can bring a picnic, a bottle of wine, meet up with friends, sprawl out on a blanket and gaze up at the stars — to the soundtrack of literally, some of the finest musicians in the world. It’s become a tradition. An experience that, altogether, is worth the $100, if not more.

What’s interesting is that they (public radio) go back to this well (my pocket) every year. And it never dries up. They are masterful. They have me (and my credit card) without reserve.

Two essential things are at play here. First and foremost []


A Triple-A radio programming veteran, Kate has served as Music Director of the Loft at XM, Midday Host at WYEP, Evening Host at both WNCS and WUIN, as well as Content Supervisor for Pump Audio. Currently, she’s the CEO of Outlandos Music, a new-music discovery service for grown-ups. Kate has been nationally recognized for her ardent presentation of music and her ability to champion talented, compelling artists.

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