Happy Transfigurations, Harvest Records!

Storied N.C. record
store celebrates its 5th with 3-day, 3-venue blowout in August. On
the bill: Akron/Family, Bonnie Prince Billy, Budos Band, Books, Mount Eerie,
Coathangers and more.


By Fred Mills


So, is everyone recovered from Record Store Day yet?
Everyone making their plans to hit Chapel Hill
next month for Merge Records’ 20th anniversary celebration? Gotcha –
so now, make sure you mark your calendars for August 13, 14 and 15. That’s when
Asheville, NC, indie record shop/label/concert promoter Harvest Records will be
celebrating their fifth year of existence with a three-day, three-venue
festival they’re calling “Transfigurations.”


Among the artists already signed up to perform:
Akron/Family, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Books, Budos Band, Circulatory System, Mount
Eerie, Espers, War on Drugs, Brightblack Morning Light, Kurt Vile, Ice Cream,
Jonathan Kane, Coathangers, Villages, and Steve Gunn. And in addition to live
music, we are advised by the organizers, the even “will present a panel
discussion and films from three record label heads who, through their own
unique methods, are at the forefront of documenting musics, new and old, from
the United States
& around the world.”


“The gathering,” says Harvest co-owner Mark Capon, “is a
culmination of our [his and the other owner, Matt Schnable] sharing a mutual
love for creating a space dedicated to the discovery of music in a supportive
community. Transfigurations brings together the spirits of the musicians that
we have brought to this city, the artists who have displayed on our walls, the
sounds people have found in our shop and the togetherness that we have
attempted to breathe into the community…hour by hour, day by day.”


In their five years as Asheville’s
premiere indie shop – and by any measure, one of the country’s finest (trust
me, I’ve seen plenty in my day, and worked in a few as well) – Harvest has
always found a way to champion the independent and underground music community.
“You may have been in a small, independent record store, but we feel Harvest Records
is unique and we want everyone who walks through the door to have a satisfying
exchange and an inclusive experience,” says Schnable. “That fresh perspective
has kept us going every day, and that same attitude of sharing a love of music
and creativity is what we are bringing to Transfigurations.”


Harvest has further supported the music community by promoting concerts,
some at local clubs, some at art galleries and in their own tiny-but-torrid retail
space, all with an eye (and ear) for cutting-edge sounds. And that’s what
you’ll get during that weekend in August. Tickets are on sale now: regular
weekend passes (“Regafigurations”) are limited, and special
weekend  passes (“Megafigurations” ) are extremely limited.


We can’t wait – you can bet your ass that the southern bureau of BLURT will
be on hand. Watch this space for further details later on, or for more
information: http://www.harvest-records.com/transfigurations.php (email: transfigurationsasheville@gmail.com).


[Pictured below: Akron/Family, Bonnie Prince Billy, Books,
Budos Band]






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