“Facemelting” Fischerspooner Video; Interview


Just something about
bein an electro pioneer…


By Blurt Staff


“Facemelting” is one description a BLURT staffer had for the
new Fischerspooner video, “We Are Electric.” Or, as he adds, “David Bowie and
David Lynch remaking Bladerunner as a


You can judge for yourself – check out the clip below.


Meanwhile, you may recall that in our review of the band’s
recently released album Entertainment we
observed, “Being the electro-pioneers that they are, band masterminds Warren
Fischer and Casey Spooner have once again evolved, taking listeners to the
boundaries of what seems to be the future of synth-pop. While hints of their
electroclash origins remain intact, there’s a cosmic, almost space-opera like
sound sprinkled throughout their latest musical adventure-think Erasure, meets
Pink Floyd, meets The Postal Service.”


Well, we’re gonna follow up that heady assessment next week
with an exclusive interview with Spooner, so keep your eyes peeled….



We Are Electric

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