Cymbals Eat Guitars, Meet Gitarzan!


Let’s hear it for the


By Fred Mills


Word is arriving today that NYC buzzband Cymbals Eat Guitars
will be unleashing their album Why There
Are Mountains
with new cover art on Sept. 22 via Sister’s Den Records. This
will be the official national roll-out, following a blogger-approved “soft”
(read: self-released) issuing awhile back. The band gets compared to folks like
Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, so you know they must be a big deal, and they’ll
be touring a little bit in the lead up to the release. Dates below.


However, for some reason that word “guitar” kept sticking in
our minds… that’s spelled GUITAR… and all of a sudden we had the urge to hear
the Ray Stevens classic “Gitarzan”. You gotta love YouTube: the tune’s all over
the place, in both original and tribute form. See below for a kinda
crate-digger’s video take on the song – it has lost none of its musical
pulchritude even with the passing of decades – along with another coupla nuggets
we spotted. This should tide you over nicely until Sept. 22. Why are we showing
you this? Because it’s Friday fool! We’re outta here for the weekend.


And git down!


Tour Dates


6/13 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
7/2 – Vollrath Tavern – Indianapolis, TN
7/4 – 80/35 Festival @ Western Gateway Park – Des Moines, IA
7/18 – Pitchfork Music Festival @ Union Park – Chicago, IL
9/12 – Monolith Festival @ Red Rocks Ampitheatre – Morrison, CO









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