Clean Up w/New Clean LP


First proper rec since
2001 from legendary Flying Nun mainstays.


By Blurt Staff



On September 8, The Clean will release Mister Pop (Merge), their first new studio album since 2001’s Getaway. What can be
said about the Clean? In 1978, they were the seeds of New Zealand
punk. They carved out a big sandbox for everyone to play in, and their
influence resonated not only in New
Zealand but around the world.



The New York Times described The Clean:  “This New
Zealand band, which has been going off and on since 1978, plays a jangly,
damaged kind of guitar pop and was a primary influence on Pavement and Yo La
Tengo, and therefore virtually all of current indie rock.” In 2003,
Merge Records released Anthology, the 2-disc compilation of tracks and
song cycles from across The Clean’s musical career. 



This summer’s Mister Pop sees The Clean continue the
great pop pastiche. Circus ragas (“Moonjumper”), gorgeously hazy sunset anthems
(“In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul”), and the sometimes-loose Dada
approach to wordsmithery continue right alongside “proper” lyrical forays, and
a few Autobahn-referential instrumental moments to boot (“Tensile”). Robert
Scott’s love of pastoral UK folk has brought some added weight into the overall
Clean equation, as does David Kilgour’s Eastern and African guitar jones,
though all this has always fit in with-and still constitutes-the total basis of
The Clean sound journey.


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