Willie Nelson Is ‘09 TX State Musician



Something about a
commitment to herb, er, the arts… hey, dig that Lone Star coffee mug!


By Blurt Staff



Last week, the Texas State Legislature passed a resolution
naming Willie Nelson the 2009 Texas State Musician:


The Texas Commission on the Arts has announced the 2009 and 2010 appointments
for the positions of State Poet Laureate, State Musician, State Two-Dimensional
Artist, and State Three-Dimensional Artist; and


Honorees are chosen for the exceptional quality of their work and for their
outstanding commitment to the arts in Texas; nominees must either be native
Texans or have resided in the state for at least five years; in addition, they
must have received critical recognition from state, regional, and national publications,
and they must have attained the highest levels of excellence in their
respective disciplines.”


“WHEREAS, Willie Nelson is the 2009 Texas State
Musician; this legendary Texas performer was playing the guitar at the age of 6
and performing at 10; after establishing himself in Nashville as a hit
songwriter, he returned to Texas and soon became world-famous as an interpreter
of his own songs and as an icon of the outlaw country music movement; he has
further distinguished himself as a film and television actor and entrepreneur,
as well as an ever-popular touring concert artist who has been involved in
numerous charity events such as FarmAid.”


Poet Laureate Nelson, never one at a loss for words, was
effusive with his comments, saying in a statement, “I consider it a great
honor, and I want to thank everyone who helped make it happen.”


Now THAT is entertainment. Okay, back to your stash, Willie.




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