Wilco Album Leaks, So Band Streams It


Available for your
discretionary listening right this very moment…


By Fred Mills


Bloggers ‘n’ boozers are all a-twitter (term used loosely
and literally) over the apparent leaking yesterday of the new Wilco album,
sensibly titled Wilco (The Album) and
due June 30 from Nonesuch. Never mind that Wilco is considered a major band and
that leaks are considered commonplace for major (and minor) artists these days –
so much so, that often the bands themselves, typically lower-tier groups trying
to drum up some publicity by creating a fake controversy, do the leaking. All
the web chatter appears to be centered around the whole notion of “I found it
first!” “No, I found it first!” as well as endless speculation over who exactly
did the initial leaking.


For example, one hyperventilating blogger at RiverfrontTimes.com,
in a squeaky rant titled “At What Point Did Wilco
(The Album)
become Wilco (The Leak)?,
expressed shock and awe, writing in a manner that suggests she’s just
discovered the whole “leak” phenomenon. “The way these illicit copies spread
across the Internet is fascinating — like a series of dominoes falling,” the
blogger gasps. “When you look at a Twitter feed full of Wilco fans, you can
really visualize the psychology and reality behind something like a big CD
leaking early. Plus, by morning, news of the leak is going to hit blogs and
mainstream media, more people are going to look for the album — and
the cycle will perpetuate itself even faster.”


Yeah, duh.


She also queried rather speciously, “Something I’ve always
wondered about leaks of big albums: They tend to happen at night, Why is this?
Also, I’m dying to know where this leak originated, because labels increasingly
have a tight grip on highly anticipated albums, and don’t release promos at all
to press for review. How did this even get out so early?”


Well, we can answer that pretty handily for you, as did one
apparently sane and sober person also did in the response postings to the RiverfrontTime.com
item: advance press copies of Wilco (The
) started arriving in mailboxes over the weekend and early this week,
which may or may not mean a journalist is the source of the leak. Possibly a
thieving mailman, maybe Jay Bennett, maybe even the band itself. We dunno. Who
cares! (It is a FANTASTIC album by the way.)


At any rate, in what may be a direct response to last night’s
leak, Wilco (The Band) is now streaming the entire album at their website. Our
recommendation is to take off that blogging cap (it’s pinching your pointy
little heads), go to the Wilco site, crank up the volume, and just sit back and
enjoy the next hour or so, unencumbered by naught but some solid rock ‘n’ roll.


And hey, what’s up with that George Harrison/”My Sweet Lord”
riff in “You Never Know”?



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