Sigur Ros Offshoot Riceboy Sleeps Due


From Jon Thor
Birgisson and Alex Somers… not sure about that headgear, though.


By Blurt Staff


No, “Riceboy Sleeps” is not the name of some ol’ delta
bluesman recently exhumed by some dilettante white kid wanting to make a John
Lomax-styled name for himself. It’s a Sigur Ros side project, and we have the
full scoop for you below, as transcribed from the telex that was just slipped
over the BLURT transom….




Known primarily for his haunting falsetto and other-worldly
presence as the singer in Sigur Rós,
Jon Thor Birgisson has –
together with his partner Alex Somers
– been exhibiting artwork and staging exhibitions under the name Riceboy Sleeps for two or three years
now, including the release of a limited edition picture book.  A couple of
months back the early fruits of the musical side of this collaboration surfaced
in physical form for the first time, with the track “Happiness”, on the exemplary Dark Was The Night Red Hot compilation.



Now comes the full-length Riceboy Sleeps album. As with “Happiness”, it is set to subtly redefine expectations of slow and
elegiac instrumental music in 2009.  Riceboy Sleeps is human in a profound and verging-on spiritual
way. It says nothing, literally, and yet living through its 68-minutes you
emerge feeling much has been revealed.  Its slowly evolving abstract
landscapes are both edifying and life-affirming.  The record works as a
whole, and exists in a contemplative dream-state, unconstrained and mesmeric,
seemingly outside time. 



Played solely on acoustic instruments in Iceland (and
featuring long-time string collaborators Amiina, as well as the Kopavogsdaetur
choir) and then endlessly toyed with on solar-powered laptops in a raw
food commune in some far corner of Hawaii, Riceboy Sleeps has a suitably”organic feel” to it; the
wave-like lapping of its tidal flow buried beneath analogue hiss, crackle,
pulse and distortion; the creaking of rigging and sometime indeterminate
falling delicately over; and, on “Howl”,
ruminative animal chirrups, grunts, snorts and purrs. Sometimes it feels like a
record coming back at you across the seas of time, with ancient Washington
Phillips-style tumbling musical figures and stumbling crescendos as slow as a
sunrise, or a weightless mantra-like choir singing from somewhere in the Middle
Ages down the centuries.



July 21 is the target date, and XL Recordings will be your



Track listing:



1. Happiness

2. Atlas Song

3. Indian Summer

4. Stokkseyri

5. Boy 1904

6. All The Big Trees

7. Daníell In The Sea

8. Howl

9. Sleeping Giant





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