Professor Patterson Hood?


Is the End of Days upon


By Blurt Staff


According to the Bible, the seven signs of the Apocalypse
include war, famine, disease, hatred, crime and earthquakes, but BLURT’s crack
team of Biblical historians have uncovered the long lost eighth sign that
Judgement Day may be near:


Patterson Hood is lecturing today at Princeton University.


The always-affable frontman of the Drive-By Truckers is
meeting with American Studies students to kick off “Radio
Free Dixie (Or, De Dirty South Broke-down): A Symposium on New South Sounds
& Culture,”
a free two-day event that formally begins this Friday,
May 8, which will attempt to examine the influence of rock musicians, artists,
scholars, politicians, spiritual figures and critics that emerged from the
Southeast region of the United States during the late 20th and early 21st


We here at BLURT always enjoy any opportunity to shoot the
bull with Hood. Our most recent chat with the long-time Athens, GA
resident focused on Murdering Oscar (and
other love songs),
his new solo release due out June 23. Keep your eyes
peeled for an extensive feature in our upcoming print edition hitting newsstands
in June.


In the course of the interview, Hood shed some light on the
upcoming Truckers album as well as a compilation of unreleased material being
issued by New West Records this fall.


“I’m really excited about the next Truckers record,” Hood
reports. “We’re off to a pretty booming start. We’ve cut 17 songs already and
will work for the rest of this month on wrapping it up. I think we have enough
for an album and maybe an EP, too. A lot of it depends on what Cooley comes in
with for this next session.”


According to Hood, DBT bassist Shonna Tucker has stepped up
her contributions as well in recent sessions.


“Shonna’s got tons of songs,” he says. “We’ve already cut
three of hers, and I know for sure we’re cutting at least one more. I wouldn’t
be surprised if we ended up cutting a couple more. Her new stuff is just a huge
leap from the last record (Brighter Than
Creation’s Dark
), and I love what she did on that one. So it’s going real


Though no release date has been set for the new Truckers album, Hood
did reveal that Truckers fans won’t go hungry this year. According to Hood, New
West Records has plundered the vaults and is planning to release later this
year a compilation of B-sides and cutting-room floor gems from the band’s
four-album tenure on the label.


“They pretty much went through the vaults and found
everything that didn’t get released and asked us how we’d feel about us putting
that out,” Hood explains. “After my initial growling and grumbling, I went back
and listened, and it was pretty cool. The majority of it comes from The Dirty South sessions. We had so many
songs, that album could have very easily been a double LP.  Most of it is originals, but there are also a
couple of covers. We did a great version of “Play It All Night Long” by Warren
Zevon just for the hell of it one day in the studio. There’s also a Tom T. Hall
song on there that we recorded for a tribute record that never came out. It
turned out to be a pretty cohesive record. I’m excited about it.”


Hmmmm….a Tom T. Hall song, huh?


Might it be “Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)” which
Hood has often covered in

dating back to 2004?


Could be, but we ain’t telling!




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